Way Too Gorgeous

Ahh MangoRED how I’ve missed you…have you ever seen anything so glorious? Mendel & Shirly make for way-too-gorgeous models. Swoooooon

Credit: MangoRED


  1. KY


    We just had our e-session with MangoRed yesterday. It was a blast!!!

    Randall & co… you guys are simply hilarious! I don’t have words to describe how much you kick @ss!!! You guys rock! This post is out of this world! Ilocos is breathtaking.

    Thanks for the daily dose of pretty-ness! I luuuuuurrrrvvvvvvvveeeee rocknrollbride! 🙂

  2. me

    do you ever even ask before you post stuff? its like you just regurgitate what you find on your reader

  3. Post author

    i wasn’t going to moderate your comment ‘me’ but i thought what the hell. clearly you are too chicken to leave your real name and email so i can respond directly so here we go. in public. ‘Me’ yes i do ask permission for every single post i write. satisfied? oh and i dont really know what your issue is. jealousy? bitterness? who know. but seriously take it elsewhere no one is interested in that here.

  4. these are amazing. LOVE. THEM. i’ll say it again. LOVE. THEM.

    i have to stop looking at your blog. i just want to get married all over again (to my husband) so i can keep wearing pretty wedding dresses and fabulous clothes and get radical pictures all the time. or maybe someone should just decide to photograph me. ha!


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