Under The Spotlight – Lara Jade

So I don’t usually post a selection of photographers work, preferring to focus on one wedding, engagement or photo shoot instead of a bit of a mish-mash. However I believe I am able to make an exception for Lara Jade. The twenty year old (yes I know!) fashion photographer, originally from Tamworth but now living in London, is quite frankly so inspiring and talented that she really deserves every single image of hers to be posted.

Lara’s fashion and editorial style is second to none. Just check out these images and tell me you’re not in love with them?

Unfortunately with her being so fabulous and all, her work is often stolen and used illegally (and yes I did get permission for this post!) If you fancy hearing more about this then I just found this fab BBC video all about it.

Thanks to the gorgeous Lara for working with me on the post (note: I now have a total girl-crush on her.)
If you are a photographer or vendor yourself and are interested in being a subject in an ‘Under the Spotlight’ feature then get in touch for all the info!

Credit: Lara Jade Photography


  1. she’s doing well. really.
    she keeps evolving and all.

    sometimes it’s funny to see all those copy call thru the internet.
    there’s one specially on flickr.
    he’s a lil bit younger than her and he try to do exactly the same kind of pics.
    i even think he used the same crew. i mean models/mua/stylists etc etc.
    it’s interesting to see him evolving saying he’s massive and he doesnt ‘stole’ anything from her.

  2. Laura Jade is a star, and the video showed that she was so much nicer than I imagined she would be.

    lovin the blog btw

  3. I saw her stuff a couple of years ago and I just love how she loves shooting the same type of styles that I’m into. Funny that you say people steal her work, because I have noticed a couple of copycats since I’ve seen her stuff. She is so amazing at what she does, she is a force to be reckoned with. Congrats on the feature Lara!


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