The Eyes Have It

August 11, 2009

Erm….woaaaah… I have lost all words right now. Those fake blue eyelashes really make this shoot for me – 80’s-tastic baby! You have got to love these right?

The shoot can be described as my attempt to take a whimsical, expect the unexpected, approach to what we normally think of when we think of a typical bride, what she should be wearing and what she should look like, etc. For example we had this gown that looks like it was straight from the 80’s contrasted with perfectly styled up hair. The bride is fully made-up but in crazy colours that you would usually only see on a cabaret dancer. Even the backgrounds we chose, sitting on a haystack, waiting alone on a bench….imagery that causes the viewer to double-take and basically cause a reaction whether it be a laugh, confusion, wonder – that’s what we were aiming for!

Credit: Vivian Hui