Balloon Love

I have always been a fan of balloon photo shoots, I don’t really know why…maybe because they always seem so whimsical and calm…however I thought that might change after the nightmare myself and Marianne had when trying to do our own balloon photo shoot (results to come soon I promise!) Seriously balloons have a mind of their own, and why won’t they just point up for crying out loud!? I swear, the phrase should be ‘Never work with children, animals or balloons!’

Well no…I still appear to love balloon photo shoots and I don’t think I’ll be stopping featuring them anytime soon – love these!

Clicky here for their full wedding

Thanks Stacy, and please let me know how you made it look so effortless!

Credit: Molto Bella Photography


  1. Becky

    Stacy is an awesome photographer…. she makes everything look more beautiful than you thought it could be!!…

  2. She really is amazing. It always looks like those she photographed had a blast doing it. Totally stress-free. Great job Stacy!


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