Are You A TV Star?

Are you a Newlywed? Are you in the UK? Would you like to be on the telly!?

I am working with a TV network to potentially make a programme about newly married rock n roll couples and their wedding experience! 

What I would need would be a link to see your wedding video (it would be used in the show) and your videographer’s contact info so I can contact them and make sure they are OK with being featured too. Also send me some wedding photographs because they always brighten my day!
You and your partner must be happy to be interviewed on camera for the show.

Drop me an email to if you think this could be you! Don’t be scared..I have to find someone and it could be you!

Remember you must be UK based to enter


Credit: Our Labor of Love


  1. I just want to say… this is soooooo cool!! I hope you’ll be able to post the show on your blog for those of us outside of UK television range. 🙂 When does it air?


  2. its in *such* early stages right now. Still trying to find couples to be in it! Yeah I will defo try to post on here, that’s a great idea!

  3. Katharine

    How exciting! My partner Sim and I are in the early stages of wedding planning. We’re not “technically” engaged yet, so it’s hard keeping all the excitement secret from friends and family. But I love reading your blog, marvelling at the beautiful photos and peeking into people’s happy moments! The idea for the tv show sounds amazing. I hope you get lots of people keen to be involved and that everything goes smoothly. I’ll definitely be watching. Who knows, we might have been able to afford the get engaged by then!!! Love Katharine x

  4. Terri

    We have a video that David shot in Barcelona, but we’re not *technically* UK based, nor was our wedding (He’s British, though!). We’d definitely be interested if we somehow qualify. Send me an email if so :).


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