Vintage Seaside Loveliness

Firstly sorry for my usual huge lack of posts today, I had a somewhat crazy day at my day job – hence less time for blogging.  How very inconsiderate of my work to make me actually do work and not blogging!  Anyway I will most defiantly be catching up this evening, atarting right now with another little gem from Michele M. Waite.

Lyndsey & Matt had a gorgeous vintage style wedding in Blaine, WA complete with lovely vintage touches throughout including the glassware, seashells, table decor, old bikes which all came from the Bride’s store Penny Lane Vintage.

Credit: Michele M. Waite


  1. This was the first-ever wedding I saw on wedding blogs that completely captivated me. It was the first wedding that really made me imagine what could be if I threw all of myself – and nothing cookie-cutter whatsoever – into the event. It was the first wedding that I ever posted as an inspiration wedding.

    And still, to this day, it’s the one that makes me the dreamiest. Other weddings might make me laugh more, or drop my jaw more, but this is the one that feels just right, every single time.

  2. Yeah, that chandelier is pretty awesome. I wonder if it was a pain to hang. Whatever it was, effort-wise or cost-wise, it was worth it.

    This is such a great example of putting the cool turquoise and red color palette to work, too!


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