Really Awesome Photos From The Most Amazingly Named Town Ever!

Wow..what a long winded title I have selected for this post…however I couldn’t resist I’m afraid.  These guys are from a place called Kalamazoo.  Now I’ve never heard of Kalamazoo but the name alone makes is sound like a flippin’ awesome place to live!

I have really been looking forward to sharing this awesome photoshoot with you all. Holly & Ryan are a husband and wife photography team who run a BreakFREE Photography workshop in Kalamazoo (seriously I want to go there!) Michigan
Head over to their blog for more info and gorgeous photographs.

OK enough of my silliness, let see those photographs! These images are the result of one of the workshops they held…amazing right?

Credit: Holly Gauper from Ryan Richard Photography


  1. Ryan and Holly are amazing, and they are shooting our wedding in August. I have watched them develop over the last couple of years into the AMAZING photographers that they are today. I am thrilled to have them be a part of our wedding and would recommend them to anyone looking for fabulous and unique photography! 🙂 Thank you for featuring them…they deserve it.

  2. Kat

    Hi Kat, from another Kat!
    The title of this post cracked me up to no end. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, (about two hours from K-zoo) and trust me, you’re not missing much. Very cool name, not that cool a place. My future brother in law and his wife live in Kalamazoo. It’s a little… conservative for my tastes. We have other great named cities here too, though- I live about twenty minutes from Ypsilanti, for example. Ypsi (for short) is pronounced Ip-see-lan-tea, like “hip” with no “h”, and not “Yip”. Also, Muskegon, Hell, Climax, Pinckney, Hamtramck, Free Soil, Flushing, Kalkaska, Mackinaw and Mackinac Island (Both pronounced Mack-in-aw), Saugatuck (Sag-a-taw), Zeeland and Zilwaukee. So, you know, exciting!
    That aside, those are some awesome photos. Check out Mattson Photography also:
    Keep being rockin’!


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