Rain Check

Fancy perving over a plethora of engagement shoots? Well head on over to Steep Street Musings. Kelty is a ridiculously talented photographer, web designer and maker of satchels (is there anything this girl can’t do?) and her engaged sister Hannah has been raving all about her to me..aww sisterly love!

This ‘rain check’ session is one of my favourites as they prove you don’t have to have glorious sunshine for fabulous photos…in fact the rain water on the ground makes for some brilliant reflections and you get the bonus of interesting, moody sky!

If you fancy some non-wedding gorgeousness, you most definatly have to check out this cupcake photoshoot…another one of my favourites!

Credit: Steep Street Musings 


  1. Vanessa

    Kelty designed our Save the Date magnets and took our engagement photos and everything that you have already heard about her is true! She is one of the most artistic and fun photographers we have met and worked with! She made us relaxed and comfortable and well, her photos speak for themselves!

    See more of her work at: http://steepstreet.blogspot.com/


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