Tacky or Awesome?

I’ve been told a few times that I’m too nice about everything and everyone on Rock n Roll Bride…now, considering I’m not such a heavenly creature in real life  that may be true.  However my argument is, why would I want to put someones wedding up here and slate it? That’s just mean and that not what the Rock n Roll Bride is about.  I’m all about celebrating uniqueness and diversity in weddings!

However, I just discovered Tacky Weddings (via Wedding Skulls) and omg this girl is doing all the bitching for everyone…and I love it!
I personally would never want to slag off someones wedding – I’d just avoid it if I didn’t like it, but you should defiantly go check out this site, either for the hilarity or maybe even for some inspiration (seriously the Gothic and the Hello Kitty weddings are awesome! – I’ve featured one of those Hello Kitty weddings before!)

Therefore I’m just sharing the Hello Kitty stuff here, because I actually love it and it’s tacky brilliance…

Credit: {1} KBO  No photo credit is specified on Tacky Weddings, however if you know the proper credit for any of the uncredited photographs here please let me know and I will add it.


  1. I usually try not to put down other people’s weddings … but come on – hello kitty! That’s just the bride being a princess on her wedding day – gone wrong!

  2. Post author

    I disagree…well yes, ok it is tackly…but in such an awesome way! It’s one of those things that it’s so bad its good!

  3. I used to dislike this site, but now I love it. I love weddings that are so far off the ‘normal’ scale that I look at them and think ‘huh?’ Shows that all kinds of people fall in love 🙂

  4. Post author

    I agree, at first I was like ‘omg how mean’ but now im abit addicted to the hideousness!


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