Coney Island Freak Show Fest.

A wedding with a freak show?  Yes please! Frank & Natty had a funfair, ferris wheel, bumper car, carousel, hall of mirrors, freak show themed wedding!  The wedding actually took place in the Museum above the Freak Show on Coney Island.  it is nearly impossible to choose my favourite detail from this amazing wedding but I defiantly have a soft spot for Natty’s homemade bouquet of fake gerber daisies, feathers, and  – the piece de resistance…the glowing red lights that ran on a battery pack!  I have never seen anything like this before but what a brilliant idea.  I bet you’d get some ‘ooohs’ from your guests!

Credit: Rose Callahan via Frank & Natty’s Flickr


  1. Post author

    OOh how exciting…although we will clash! I don’t think I can be your friend anymore. Are you gonna do it bright red red red? I use stargazer on my head. it’s great but obv it washes out…although with red you can get permanant ones from live colour which are still good….look at me giving out hair advice like I have the hair is bloody ridiculous!

  2. I would actually recommend L’Oreal Ferria for their reds… I make sure the red has copper in it to stop it looking like that funny fake red colour… I then use manic panic, fudge or some other punk hair dye over the top as a refresher to keep it nice and bright…

    My red hair is a little brighter than this Natalie’s hair (my name is Natalie as well)

    Hope you went red cause it’s the BEST hair colour ever (sorry Kat)


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