That’s Love

Oh My GOD this couple are ridiculously cute!  I would highly recommend checking our their uber sweet blog – so. in. love

For this post it’s not about the wedding, but about the actual couple.  I love them!

Credit: The Rockstar Diaries via Tenacious Dee  Photographer: Leo Patrone


  1. aw, thanks for this! so sweet of you…

    your website is absolutely lovely too, i just took a look around. gosh, if i could redo my big day (same groom) you sure have some lovely ideas i’d die to steal.

    have a wonderful week!

  2. Post author

    glad you like it hun! i LOVED your wedding – it looked AMAZING! my website makes me want to re-do our wedding day too haha!

  3. Have you heard of the NieNie dialogs? She and her husband are an AMAZING couple who remind me quite a bit of Naomi and husband. They were in a horrible accident and their lives have been changed significantly but you can still feel their love for one another and how they miss their fairytale life.


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