Sam and Ben – Insanely Gorgeous Wedding

November 12, 2008

Here we go then my lovelies….let the Wedding Envy begin!  This is seriously one of the most gorgeous weddings I have ever seen – I know, I Know I say that alot…but I really mean it this time…not that I didn’t with all the others…it’s just..oh screw it – just look at this!

I have a new, ever growing obsession with this colour green and peacock feathers and this wedding satisfys that! This wedding also features quite possiblly one of the coolest and most original bouquets I’ve seen – I want one!  Sam’s beautiful dress used lace from her mother’s wedding mantilla, and they also tied a bit of it around the bouquet.  It was designed and made by Dame Couture.

Credit: Olivia Leigh

Thanks for the heads up Tara!