A Very Mod Wedding: Paula & Mark

London. The 1960s. Mod.

These were the inspirations for Paula & Mark’s big day. The couple met at a rhythm, blues & soul night run by Mark in a bar in Bethnal Green, so the theme was very ‘them’. “We bonded over our love of vintage fashion and music”, wrote Paula, “I couldn’t believe my luck when we were introduced, we hit it off immediately. The bar has changed owners since, but we always smile when we go past it. It holds happy memories of parties and beautiful friends in immaculate vintage fashions dancing to great music and having fun.”

The ceremony was held at Islington town hall, with the reception taking place at The Peasant pub. “We wanted the wedding to feel like it was OUR day. Not a generic ‘wedding’ that looked like every other wedding you see on the pages of wedding magazines. We wanted it to be as individual as we are and to reflect our love of anything Mod.”

“First and foremost we wanted a party and a day where family and friends could relax and have fun. That was the most important thing to us. I didn’t want anyone to feel  uncomfortable. We knew that it would be a vintage inspired wedding as mine and Mark’s everyday life is inspired by retro style and the vast majority of our friends all have a love of anything Mod. It just felt natural to us. Even my entrance was different! I walked down the aisle to ‘The Avengers’ theme tune. The tune is very special to us as we share a love for the 1960s series and Emma Peel is my heroine! Our guests loved it and said that it was so us!”

Paula wore a 1960s short vintage dress from The Vintage Wedding Dress Company and her bridesmaids wore various vintage dresses sourced from all over. “Everything was vintage influenced including the wedding outfits. Most brides long for a brand new designer dress that nobody has ever worn before, but I liked the idea of my wedding dress already having a story. I love the idea of someone else walking down the aisle in it for their 1960s wedding. I knew that I wanted an original 1960s dress and nothing else would do. I toyed with the idea of having a new dress made to a 1960s design but when I found the dresses at The Vintage Wedding Dress Company I knew that my dress would be hiding amongst all the gems they had in there! It was harder to find than I thought as there are only a few good vintage wedding dress shops in London and when I began my search the main dresses that seemed to be available were 1950s dresses. Although these were beautiful I had really set my heart on an original 1960s one. When my sister Karen pulled it out – I knew it was the one for me!”