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A Marvel, Lego & Red Wine Themed Wedding In Birmingham

Sophie Cooke

Lisa Carpenter

November 18, 2018

Becca and Suzy met at work nearly a decade ago. They became good friends and that was it - until a drunken Christmas work do tipped their friendship into new territory - they haven’t looked back! Their intimate wedding was held at The Bond in Birmingham in November 2017. Loving how different it was from ‘regular’ wedding venues, and also in their old hometown of Birmingham, it felt right for the couple as they knew they didn’t want a typical venue - and that the surrounding graffiti-covered streets would make for awesome photos. 

Halloween and Lego Wedding



October 27, 2015

I don't think it'll come as a massive surprise to any of you that the vast majority of newly-weds I interview say that they wanted their wedding to reflect them. They took their mutual passions and combined them to create a wedding that felt individual, authentic and unique. But it might shock you to hear that a lot of brides I chat to pre-wedding tell me that they're really worried about whether their mish-mash of ideas will work together. I mean, when you have a set theme it's pretty easy to know what's going to go... but Halloween, Lego and sparkles? Do those things work side by side?