Fun, Lowkey Wedding Celebration at Glastonbury Festival

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August 19, 2019

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Lizzie and Nick were halfway to planning a traditional white wedding when they decided to do a 180 and decided to get hitched at Glastonbury instead! They wanted to create a joyful, silly, stress-free celebration of their love that they’d remember forever, and choose their happy place their location. Armed with £1000, they did the admin part in London the morning of the wedding and then hotfooted it down to Somerset to have a friend officiate a ceremony that they wrote themselves.

They decided against having a defined format for their ceremony in order to keep things experimental and most importantly, fun! Lizzie wrote a poem for Nick, and Nick in turn wrote a speech. With Sean Paul announced as the surprise headliner for the John Peel stage that day, their friend did a reading of the lyrics to Temperature between speeches – not your regular heartfelt wedding reading, but it turned out sweet nonetheless!

Afterwards, they ran down a makeshift aisle through a cloud of confetti and then carried on their festival experience! Having their celebration at a festival meant everything – food, music, decor, vibe – was all sorted, so they were able to celebrate instead of project-manage. It was important to the couple to hire a photographer who, much to their surprise, they found via the Glastonbury Reddit, in order to share the experience with their friends and family who were unable to be there. 

The worst thing for Lizzie and Nick was how hard they found it not having their families there. “We plan on celebrating separately with them, and they were all super supportive of our decision but it’s fair to say that they were disappointed not to be included. From the conversations I’ve had with people though, it sounds like you can never plan a wedding that places everyone anyway – so I guess this is just part of the package.”



  1. When I win the lottery rollover, I’m filling my closet with all the amazing wedding dresses I’ve ever seen on here. Starting with this one. Incredible. Love this wedding.

  2. Angela

    Just the coolest wedding ever!!! Adore! The bride is so beautiful, her smile and laugh is so infectious, you can tell how much fun was had here! Adore the dresses and the long table, brilliant idea. Looks like a brilliant wedding to be a guest at!

  3. Emily

    Love this! Especially love the long table and bedouin tent O and the brides tattoo

    But just one thing…what’s bubble tea?

  4. WOW! What an awesome wedding – LOVE all those details and the headress and the LOVE sign and and and…everything! Congratulations guys! x

  5. Julie

    Wonderful wedding. Congrats to the happy couple for such a great day and just being so lovely. To all who weren’t there, you missed the wedding of the year. There wouldnt be a wedding like it in New Zealand. Lots of love from Kane’s parents

  6. Can we have more weddings like this please? Just LOVE the flowers (*hi five* Lily Fee!), so gorgeous, so colourful, just beautiful. And of course, *that* dress, just amaze. Love everything about this (who doesn’t love pizza). Fab use of the letters and the table. #want

    Great work on the photos Viva, just stunning!!

    Thanks for sharing such a fab wedding Kat. x

  7. The dress – feathers make me beam with happiness! Eating outdoors – how wonderful is that? One of the most stunning flower crowns I’ve seen made even more striking with that bouquet complimenting it. Morris dancers. The tent. The smiles and joy throughout these images! So wonderful. I am in love with this wedding, quite frankly. x

  8. Jodie Monteodorisio

    I love this soo much this is exactly what we want to do. If its possible I would love to know more detail about this wedding.

  9. Kate

    Wow….just beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Can I ask where you got the tent for the band from? It looks like a star tent but I’m not sure.


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