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Colourful Mexican Wrestling Inspired Peckham Wedding (with 120 Animal Masks!)

Ellie Kime

Cuckoo Wedding

June 1, 2018

Heather and Fraser met at the London School of Lucha Libre, with Fraser wearing a flying squirrel outfit, so you can already tell their wedding is going to be pretty spectacular. Set in the to-die-for Asylum Chapel, and featuring 120 papier mâché animal masks and a wedding gown made from a Dolly Parton fancy dress outfit, their eclectic, weird and wonderful celebration looks like a riot of fun. And yes, there is Mexican wrestling - of course. What do you take us for?!

Whimsical Woodland Wedding Featuring Foxes, Star Wars & Lots of Colour

Ellie Kime

Clare Tam-Im

May 3, 2018

Lucy and Stuart's playful wedding brought together elements of everything that they loved. To suit their rustic barn venue, High House Farm Brewery in Northumberland, they went with a woodland vibe, which they then added whimsical edges to it as, in Lucy's own words, "I wanted to add unicorns and glitter!" Squirrels, foxes and unicorns were the inspiration for the day, and this totally shows.