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January 2, 2024

Roll up, roll up! Come one, come all! Welcome to Rock n Roll Bride magazine… the greatest wedding magazine on earth! Why are we the greatest? That’s easy. Because when Rock n Roll Bride magazine says “come one, come all!”, we truly mean it.

You… no matter who you are, who you love, and how you want to celebrate that love… are so welcome here. Just as long as everyone involved is of-age and consenting… obviously!

You might be a first-time reader who got engaged over the holidays (congrats!) and now you’re testing the waters and seeing what we are all about. You may be weeks away from your wedding, caught up in the chaos, and hoping for a last-minute pep talk from our articles. You may have been married for two years but you still follow us, because you just love to see all the gorgeous featured weddings. Or maybe you’re not even engaged, you might even be single, but you simply love to plan your future dream wedding.

If you are gay, if you are non-binary, if you are Black, if you are trans, if you are queer, if you are cis, if you are a POC, if your body doesn’t look like the template happy couples’ bodies in all the other magazines… if you are neurodivergent, if you are straight, if you have a visible or invisible disability… if you are bisexual, pansexual, white, pregnant, already a parent, older than thirty-five, have been married before, male, female, lesbian… human!

If you are in love… and you are bold and brave enough to express and celebrate that love how you want to on your big day… then you are exactly the sort of person the Rock n Roll Bride community will welcome with open arms. What other wedding magazine can truly, honestly, claim all that?

Now, listen. Before you start panicking that you aren’t “rock n’ roll enough” to be a Rock n Roll Bride – don’t worry. You don’t have to be planning the most aesthetically alternative wedding of all time to make the grade.

♥ You can wear a white dress and still be a rock n’ roll bride.
♥ You can walk down the aisle arm-in-arm with your dad and still be a rock n’ roll bride.
♥ You can incorporate traditions in your wedding and still be a rock n’ roll bride.
♥ You can get married in a place of worship and still be a rock n’ roll bride.
♥ You can spend £100,000 or £1,000 and still be a rock n’ roll bride.
♥ You can be female, male or non-binary and still be a rock n’ roll bride.

Being a rock n’ roll bride is not about being cool, a rebel or even thinking of the most unique idea you can. It’s about planning a day that reflects you and your partner and declaring your love in your own special way.

Simply put… if you want to do things unapologetically YOUR WAY, then you are a welcome here. And – in an industry that paints one very clear picture of what it deems to be the right way – if that’s not rock n’ roll, then I don’t know what is!

The wedding industry, if you hadn’t already noticed, is packed to the max with the ‘ideal’ as opposed to the real; the ‘perfect’ wedding as opposed to the actual person getting married. None of us are perfect and your wedding doesn’t have to be either. We should just be allowed to be ourselves… especially on our big day. And that is what Rock n Roll Bride magazine is all about.

By picking up our magazine, by reading this website, by following us on social media… you have opened yourself up to a community who will accept you and celebrate you with open arms. No matter what.

So again… welcome! We’re so pleased to meet you. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Welcome to the fun, inclusive, accepting, wonderful world of Rock n Roll Bride magazine. We can’t wait to go on this journey with you!


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