Dark and Moody Colorado Mountain Elopement

Adventure Instead Photography

February 28, 2022

If the thought of planning a huge wedding sends you into a panic, how about an adventure elopement? Tiffany and Greg chose the stunning Cottonwood Pass in Colorado, taking just Greg’s brother and Tiffany’s sister and her fiancé to their mountain wedding.

Tiffany explained, “The best thing about planning our day was that there was really no one to worry about but us. That in itself takes so much pressure off of you with the planning. I felt such freedom with being able to have the day go however I wanted, as many different stunning locations I wanted and a completely flexible timeline that we didn’t have to stick to. Adventure elopements really are the way to go.”

Keen to do their own thing and include exactly what they wanted, Tiffany chose a black lace dress from Flutter Dress, teaming it with black fishnet tights, and Greg wore jeans and a Ben Sherman jacket. They both wore Dr Martens, perfect for their style, and for hiking halfway up a mountain! They told us, “We did everything polar opposite of what’s considered traditional. From eloping vs a wedding, our location, our attire. We just wanted to do our own thing and be the truest versions of ourselves and just focus on each other for the day.”

Although they kept their wedding small, the couple included their family by reading letters from them during the ceremony. And there was a surprise once they were married, as Tiffany told us, “When the ceremony was over and we were taking pictures, my sister’s fiancé surprised her and popped the question! So it was a pretty special day for both of us.”

With such a gorgeous setting, Tiffany and Greg were spoiled with a number of different spots for their photos, from the woods, to the mountain, to the lake and finishing their day dancing by the fire under the stars together. Tiffany explained just how important the location was, “My favourite part was when we arrived at Cottonwood Pass and we all got to see for the first time in person just how stunning of a location we were about to get married at. We were completely blown away. And then shortly after that the sun started setting and lit the entire landscape in these gorgeous golden hues. It was so beautiful.”

With a budget of $10,000, Tiffany and Greg’s biggest expense was their photographer. But they knew that they wanted something special, and told us, “We knew it would be our biggest expense, but we wanted to look back on these pictures for the rest of our lives and be reminded of this day.” Such a personal celebration encapsulated the couple’s personality, and they would highly recommend this approach, “Don’t worry about what other people want or what they’re going to think. At the end of the day, it’s supposed to be about you two and your love for each other. Nothing else matters. Life is short, do whatever you guys want and you’ll never look back and regret it.”