Witchy Late Summer New Moon Wedding

Love Me Do Photography

October 3, 2019

Amber and Daniel had a September wedding inspired by the New Moon. “We had a New Moon wedding”, Amber said. “Originally we couldn’t nail down a date. I am really into the New Moon and the beginnings it brings and I kept being drawn to 9/9/2018, which happened to be the New Moon into Virgo (Dan’s astrological sign). Once we chose it, Dan’s parents told us that was his grandmother and grandfather’s wedding date! It was meant to be!”

Most of the decor came from their own home and they used their creativity on the wedding invitations. The bride even sourced vintage mineral and crystal stamps for them. “The theme was a little dramatic and a little bit boho. I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted – slightly moody, but still carefree. For the invitations we used the limited edition eclipse stamps.

The highlight of the day for both of them was the ceremony, and for Amber in particular, walking down the aisle. They wrote the entire thing themselves. Originally it was supposed to be in an old ruins, but a hurricane meant they had to come up with another plan! “I walked down the aisle to Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison (which is ironic and funny looking back on the weather!) We wrote our ceremony and vows. It was really special to send love to family members that had passed and our ceremony was unique. We had a handfasting and repeated our vows in unison.”

“I think making so many decisions together definitely brought us closer”, Amber concluded. “The only thing we’d change is we wish we’d hired a a videographer! I miss not being able to watch the day unfold.”