Cat Themed Wedding in Romania

Rares Ion

March 11, 2018

If there’s one wedding theme I can always get on board with its a cat themed wedding. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already know how obsessed I am with my own furbabies so obviously as soon as I saw Elena and Sebastian’s feline-featuring big day I was ready to feature it!

The pair were married in Romania, at The Wedding House in Giurgiu. “Our wedding theme was ‘Dancing Cat’!”, began the bride, “we nicknamed the event our ‘purrfect day’ though! We were both inspired by the things that we love: Our cats and animals in general, dancing, nature, greenery, strong coffee, anything-with-gin, thai food, lights (even better cat-shaped LED lights!) and having a general positivity about life.”

The couple wanted their cat theme to run through every aspect of their day. “It was very important for us to create a visual identity that we could integrate in all aspects of the wedding”, she continued, “from the invitations, to decorations, to our first dance. This is why our wedding rings have a tiny message written on the inside with a cat pun! This is also why we used Lolcats on our invitations, even if many people didn’t understand it! It goes without saying that we were very lucky to have an incredibly talented friend that draws and illustrates and that she created the perfect design for us. We were so thrilled with it that I had a bigger version printed and framed for our house. She also designed our wedding logo which we had printed onto stickers which we put on everything. We also turned it into pins that guests could wear instead of flowers.”

“I collected many ideas from Pinterest and spent hours looking at pictures of children’s kitten-themed parties and trying to figure out how we could bring the ideas into a wedding. I made matchboxes printed with ‘Purrfect Match’ (quite cheesy, I know) to go with our wedding favours, which were tiny packs of delicious coffee with the sign ‘Purrfect Blend’ printed on them. People also got candles in jars with cat stickers on them. ”

Despite all this attention to detail with their theme, the ceremony was actually one of the most important parts of the day for them both. “The ceremony was a unique occasion for both of us to say to each other the things that we say every day, but in front of our loved ones”, she explained. ” My mother-in-Law officiated and gave us Earth’s blessing as she has the authority to do so in her religion. It meant a lot for her to be able to do this and it meant a lot for me and Sebastian because it felt much more intimate and connected to us. The moment itself was also very beautiful. I truly loved the ceremony. The weather was nice, people were blowing soap bubbles and everyone looked so pretty.”

“My advice to other couples would be to start your wedding day with a glass of champagne and a cat video that makes you feel good! Also to remember that you can’t be prepared for everything but you can find humour in anything. When in doubt during your wedding planning, listen to your favourite music and get a good night’s sleep. Every dilemma will seem less significant and much easier to figure out the next day.”