A Fashion Editorial Inspired Engagement Shoot at a Sinking Yellow House

Sositha Ling

October 18, 2017

There are some people that ooze cool by simply existing and I think Nancy and Boogie fall firmly into that camp! Even their names sound awesome together. They wanted their engagement shoot to be more of a fashion editorial rather than traditionally romantic.

They shot at the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston in front of a piece of art, a sinking yellow house created by Mark Reigelman. “While I was searching for possible locations, I stumbled upon this art piece my friend visited not too long ago”, Nancy explained. “Because of its unique style and since we’re big fans of art, I knew we had to somehow make it a part of our vision.”

“There wasn’t a theme for our shoot or anything. My fiancé Boogie and I are really big on fashion and we didn’t want to dress too formally because that’s not who were are. We wanted to be captured the way others normally see us, the way we feel most comfortable in so we turned this into a fashion/engagement shoot!”

“I hope our shoot will inspire Rock and Roll brides and grooms because it shows that you don’t have to feel like your engagement shoot needs to follow any guidelines. Make it your own, turn it into something fun and enjoyable with your soon to be spouse. Boogie and I don’t take ourselves too seriously; we absolutely love goofing around so made that the prime inspiration of our shoot.”

“I definitely think the sinking yellow house sticks out a whole lot and made our photos really unique. Other than that, I would have to say turning this into more of a fashion shoot and our clothing choices made it really feel like us. I tried to search for some sort of inspiration on Pinterest but everything ended up being too formal or too posed for what we wanted. In the end we just made it very ‘us’ and wore something that we would normally wear. We did what came to us naturally since we do enjoy modelling and being in each other’s arms, so it worked out perfectly.”