Art Deco Glam Meets Downtown Loft Wedding

Dallas Kolotylo Photography

December 22, 2016


Sarah and Justin were married in Yaletown, Vancouver, in October. Their wedding theme was eclectic with a bohemian, art deco glam feel. “We wanted our guests to be relaxed as well as showcase our personalities” explained Sarah, “so we had a relaxed reception with food stations and canapés rather than a sit down meal.”


The couple had a candlelit, romantic, dreamy ceremony with unique rather than traditional vows. “My favourite part of the wedding was the ceremony” said Sarah, “especially the moment when I walked into the room and down the aisle – I was just blown away with how amazing the room looked and even smelt.”


The couple decided to skip any traditions that didn’t fit their personalities like a traditional cake. Instead they had a homemade pie made by Justin’s grandmother! For entertainment the couple had a DJ who played his violin alongside the songs throughout the reception to give a further twist on the traditional.


The couple’s biggest expense was their venue, food and drinks, “Finding the right venue was one of the most important things for us” said Sarah, “and as we choose a place that already incorporated the ambience we wanted we saved money on not having to add extra décor.”


“Our advice for future brides and grooms is to concentrate on the aspects that are most important to you and your partner and don’t fret to much on the small stuff that only you will notice” said Sarah. “Also stop and take it all in on the day, it goes by way too quick!”