Win a Surprise European Honeymoon with Surprise Trips!


If you’re getting married in the next year and you like the idea of an adventure for your honeymoon then read on, because today I’m giving away a surprise European honeymoon with Surprise Trips! Over the summer Gareth and I were lucky enough to go on a surprise weekend trip to Vienna. If you read that post then you’ll already know the drill – but just to remind you, Surprise Trips is a revolutionary new concept in vacationing!

You tell them your preferred departure airport, send them a short list of places you don’t want to visit, and they book you a completely surprise European holiday. This is an absolute adventure because you don’t find out where you’re going until two hours before your flight takes off!

They currently offer 77 destinations in Europe and the service is open to all UK, IE, CA, AUS, NZ and US passport holders (all flights depart from the UK or Ireland). All flights are at convenient times and are under 3 and a half hours. They let you know a few days beforehand what the weather forecast is at the place you’re going, but other than that you’re on your own!

If you want to find out more about how it works, head over and check out their site or watch the video below!

We had such an amazing time in Vienna and it was such a different way of travelling for us. I’ve been recommending it to anyone that will listen! When I posted about it I had so many comments from people who said they’d love to do this too, well you are in luck because today I’m giving one of you the chance to win a surprise honeymoon!

This AMAZING prize is for a surprise seven day European holiday for two people. Prize includes flights from your preferred UK airport, and accommodation in a 3* or higher hotel.

To enter, you need to create a Pinterest board titled “Surprise Trips Surprise Honeymoon” and pin pictures that describe you and your fiancé’s dream European honeymoon. Then, come back to this post and leave a comment below that contains the link to your Pinterest board and a little bit of information as to why you’d like to go there. (Please note: The destination of your Surprise Trip is a complete surprise, and will not automatically reflect whatever destination you may have highlighted on your Pinterest board).

Contest is open to all engaged readers and you must be getting married before July 1st 2017. This doesn’t need to be your only honeymoon, but you do need to be getting married to enter. Flights depart from airports in the UK or Ireland so if you are not based here you will be responsible for getting yourselves to the UK to begin your trip. For the full list of Ts&Cs please head over to the Surprise Trips website and read them before you enter.

You have until 23.59 (GMT) on 03/10/16 to enter and the winner will be contacted via email no later than 05/10/16.

Eek, good luck everyone, I’m so excited for you!




  1. Morgan Sim

    My fiance and I loved hearing about your trip to Vienna with Surprise Trips. It sounds like you and Gareth had the most amazing time!

    There’s so much we’d still love to see and do in Europe from stuffing our faces with pastéis de nata in Lisbon, chasing the elusive Aurora Borealis in Reykjavík, to exploring the old town of Dubrovnik.

    We’re keen travellers and have always said that we’d love to turn up at an airport with no idea where we’re going.

  2. I would like to enter the surprise honeymoon competition …
    On our Pinterest board you will find, Iceland, Santorini & Italy.
    We would love to visit each one of these destinations for its stunning natural beauty, Iceland for its natural, rugged, adventures, Santorini for the luxurious & beautiful white & blue rooftops & Italy for its mind blowing history!
    We are getting married on 8th March 2017 👰🏼😍

  3. Kate Hayne

    This sounds AMAZING! I have created a board (link below). We would love to go either somewhere in Italy such as Rome, Verona, Venice, Capri or Tuscany or Croatia! We have travelled to Italy before – we got engaged in Rome last year (almost went to Croatia, but decided on Rome in the end) and are marrying Lake Garda Italy next June! I can not wait to marry my best friend, but to also have adventures and travel with him. I have never had so much fun travelling until I met Simon and now I want to explore the world with him.

    We would love to visit Capri and Tuscany especially as we haven’t been there before and we love all things Italy, the culture, food, people and beauty of the country. Would also love to travel to Croatia and this is a country neither of us have been before and want to see the beautiful cities as well as the stunning national parks and historical places! We haven’t won anything before, so this would be amazing!
    Kate x

  4. Shelley Farrar

    My fiance and I were so excited when we first saw your post about your vacation to Vienna with Surprise Trips. The idea of travelling to a surprise destination seems so romantic, especially being able to share the adventure with the one you love! Our dream European holiday is currently a trip to Lisbon, Portugal. We have gone on many a city a break in Europe but always during winter and the Christmas market season. Lisbon seems like the perfect place to explore in summer; with brilliant architecture, beautiful riverside walks and a little sunbathing along one of the beaches close by.

  5. Hi! This would be so great! We are getting married on 31st June 2017 (eligible by our whiskers 😻) and Italy is somewhere we would both love to see. We travelled Europe in our banger of a campervan this year but we very much doubted it would make it to Italy! I had always thought I had been as a child and on returning I found out I was wrong – it made it even more disappointing that we hadn’t went! Jamie has been when he was younger and loved it and knows I would too. It’s on my bucket list to go to Venice as I know it won’t be there forever and I’ve wanted to go for so long! We adore Italian food and wine and would take full advantage of being surrounded by such good food and culture! I’m also desperate to go to Juliets Balcony and my OH would love to go to Pompeii! We love travelling and we wouldn’t be disappointed with a massive surprise either!

    Gina ❤️

  6. This would be amazing to win :). We love travelling but would especially love to go to Reykjavik to visit the blue lagoon, chase the northern lights and to go whale watching and see all the geysers and ice fields and amazing waterfalls.

  7. Sarah

    This would be amazing to win :).

    We live to travel and would especially love to form to Iceland to visit the blue lagoon, chase he northern lights, go whale watching and see all the beautiful geysers, waterfalls and ice fields!

  8. Katherine Leyden

    We’re getting married on May 6, 2017, very exciting times for us.
    We’ve talked about all of the places we want to go for our honeymoon, and top of the list for now is Hallstatt in Austria.
    Hallstatt is on a number of lists of the ‘most beautiful’ or most ‘picturesque’ towns and villages in Europe, and has been said to be the ‘most Instagrammed’ town in Austria.
    We discovered a joint love of travel together when at a friend’s wedding in October last year. Since then, we have created a massive bucket list of places to see and have knocked a couple off the list.
    For our honeymoon, we want to visit a beautiful, picturesque town with plenty of places to walk, beautiful things to see we’ve never seen before, and with good food, good beer and good wine.
    Hallstatt has beautiful hiking trails, salt mines and an ice cave to visit, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The views from the 5 finger lookout are spectacular, if not dizzying. Being fascinated by history, we’d also love to visit Hallstatt’s small museum with its 7,000 years of history from the region.
    The town is stunning, and the perfect spot to relax and enjoy each other’s company after our wedding.
    In saying that, we would love to go anywhere in Europe and knock another town/country off the bucket last, and just enjoy travelling together and seeing new and wonderful things. Anywhere we go together will be amazing because we’ll make it so.

  9. Sally Rate

    Amazing competition. Our Pinterest board doesn’t have one particular destination as we are fully embracing the surprise element of the competition. Instead it represents our relationship – a colourful fairytale. Our dream honeymoon would be colourful, exciting, adventurous and spontaneous. The surprise trips idea is a fabulous one which suits us to a tee! We have been through so much, but have smiled and laughed more than I can explain. It’s been a fairytale – one which will continue with our wedding on October 1st 2016. It would be incredible to be told after we get married that the honeymoon of our surprise dreams is our next step.

    Board –


    My board is full of stunning natural beauty spots and awe-inspiring architecture. There are so many places, from Split to Copenhagen, Stockholm to Dublin and so many more, but especially Vienna.

    We had booked a holiday, a Christmas weekend break at the Grand Hotel in Vienna. She had no idea that I had planned to propose there, surrounded by so much beauty, culture and history. Money was a little tight so she cancelled the trip, a quick change of plans and I asked her outside the Tower of London, and we get married on the 4th of November 2016.

    I’ve also included some Game of Thrones locations for me and the Nurburgring for her, but the dream is to visit the Christmas markets of Europe and eat some amazing food.

  11. My board is based on the gorgeous City of Barcelona.

    My fiancè surprised me with a trip to here 6 years ago when we first started dating (he said we was going to London for the weekend). My fiancè is an architect so his love for buildings reflected greatly on his choice in destination to take me. It was then that I fell in in love with the amazing work of Gaudi myself. The gothic theme throughout some of his buildings truly take my breath away. This whole city is magical. Not to mention the amazing views, beaches and food.

    My fiancè proposed in the capital (Madrid), but Barca is the place that holds the most memories for us… Seeing a naked man walking the streets, my first stein of beer, the Christmas markets, are just a few to name. We always hoped to get married here but a destination like this just wasn’t viable for our families. We get married on 2nd October 2016 and I’m sure Barcelona will be on our places to visit as Mr and Mrs.

  12. Claire Chapman

    Great competition! I have kept my options open when creating my Pinterest board – hope that’s OK but there’s too many places in Europe still on our bucketlist!

    I was quite lucky to have travelled to a lot of the major European cities on the tourist trail before meeting my husband to be – so have already spent some amazing weekends in cities like Berlin, Madrid, Prague, Rome, Florence & Venice – so although I would love to take him to any or all of these places to experience them together, our top dream destination in Europe at the moment is probably Slovenia, or Croatia. We’re getting married in June next year so the weather would be great for this – lots of lazy days by the water or exploring old towns (and not forgetting some Game of Thrones tour action in & around Dubrovnik!).

    Love the idea of a surprise holiday & your trip to Vienna recently sounded incredible!

  13. Tracy LaBonville

    About six years ago my fiancé and I met in our art classes in college. Both he and I have a passion for art and supporting other artists around us. As we have grown, we have always shared a dream of going to see art in Europe. One of those places that we absolutely love is Italy, but on an artist salary, it’s a hard dream to achieve.

    One of our favorite things is to just try new things around us. We love to adventure, and even if that means just finding quirky new things near where we live, we love it. Exploring Europe would be an absolute dream for both of us.

    Our wedding is coming up on October 8, 2016, and we are so excited. We have hand created most of the things in our wedding because, of course, we are artists. We have made our flowers, our invitations, etc. and we love the idea of

  14. Rebecca Weaver

    Traveling to Europe in itself, would be our dream! We are a young couple and don’t have a lot of money, but love travel.
    We are both suckers for history and architecture. Our favorite places to visit would be Rome or Greece, put we would also enjoy seeing our roots in Ireland. Hiking, exploring beautiful places, and soaking up culture in any of these places would be the best honeymoon I could think of!

  15. I want to go everywhere! I have loved Italy, Spain and Greece, but I want to see somewhere completely new! Iceland, or Denmark, or Sweden, or Croatia, or Germany (I’ve sadly never been)! My board is a mishmash of places my partner and I’d love to visit, but we would be happy to go anywhere. Our first trip together, of many, I hope.

  16. Lynsey Jones

    I would LOVE to enter this, I love Europe. But..I’m getting married on 9th September 2017! 😐 x

  17. My fiancé and I are finally getting married after 11 years of dating – high school sweethearts! – on October 14th, 2016! Traveling is a passion we both share but, with him being a music teacher and me being a freelance artist, we don’t always have the means. We aren’t able to have a honeymoon; lack of spendable finances and his marching band schedule making it impossible for us. Not that we’re complaining. Just being together is a honeymoon in itself. I’ve never won anything, but I thought I’d give this a go.

    We have always wanted to travel to Amsterdam, Berlin and Rome; the vibrancy and unique life of each city enticing us in different ways. I also threw in Malta; I didn’t see this as a choice, but I plan on using this board for the future as well!

  18. Travel has always been a huge factor in mine and Adams relationship. We hopped on a plane for a weekend in Amsterdam not long after we began dating and have been pretty inseparable ever since!

    So much so that we are eloping to New York in three weeks time (10.10.16) to tie the knot in City Hall, just to two of us, and beginning our married life as we mean to go on; filled with adventure, love and making memories.

    We’ll be coming home a few days later and having an intimate reception to celebrate our marriage with friends and family. This will be filled with vintage map decorations and pictures of our previous travels together.

    Italy is the most stunning place I’ve seen so far and Adam adores Barcelona.

    I’ve chosen Berlin as a dream honeymoon destination as it’s high up on our ever-growing bucket list (we are determined to travel far and wide together before we expire) and is filled with our favourite things; street art, craft beers, markets, world famous tattoo artists and stunning architecture. Oh and good food. Food is a pretty big part of our relationship too! I ate most of his nachos on our first date ‘by accident’ but it obviously worked out ok in the end…

  19. Hi Kat,

    What a fabulous competition. It was only a few days ago my fiancé and I were talking about going away in Europe after we get married so this would be incredible. We’re getting married in Vegas on 31/03/2017, our tenth year together just us. We’d be very grateful to go anywhere in Europe, especially as its a surprise destination – how exciting! Italy and Greece have such gorgeous scenery which I’ve gathered images of. We adore exploring new places, cobbled streets, bright colours, glorious smells, friendly faces and coming back to reality with happy memories which last a life time. That’s what life’s all about 🙂

    Thanks xo

  20. Me and my Pickle (my pet name for my very patient and understanding partner) are getting married on the 18th December this year, exactly a week before Christmas!!!! We are having a winter wonderland/star wars themed wedding as sparkles and droids pretty much some us up.

    Our dream European honeymoon would be somewhere in Italy, most favorably Venice. I am a massive foodie and my partner loves history and feeling like you’ve stepped back in time and I feel like some many places and cities would work for this ideal. Also GELATO!!!! We would also really love to replace a Venetian mask that was given to me by my mother and unfortunately broke when we moved house recently.

    My Partner has been my rock over the past year and supported me through many struggles and worries, I would really love to see his face if we were actually able to have a honeymoon but also somewhere he has always wanted to visit.

    P.S He also loves Game of Thrones 😉

  21. Surprise Trips sounds awesome!!
    Chris’ and my dream honeymoon would be a Romantic European holiday exploring the history of ‘Dracula’ and learning about the dark stories Europe has to offer, along with seeing the beautiful scenery we don’t get in Australia – It would be absolutely amazing!
    Here’s our dream board: 🙂
    Due to tight budgets it doesn’t look like we’ll be having a honeymoon after our Wedding in April 2017 so this would be a dream come true to win! <3

  22. Jana Aalbers

    That’s awesome! My husband and me have our christian wedding on 10th December 2016 and had no chance to travel for our honeymoon. We love the nordic countries loke Iceland, Ireland, Scotland or Finland but also Croatia would be nice.
    Here is our pin board:

  23. Natasha mckenzie

    Hi! Well, we get married ON 1st July 2017, I hope that’s allowed! And with a teeny tiny budget a surprise honeymoon would be amazing! Italy is the top of my Pinterest board and getting lost in Italy is the dream, that’s where you find the secrets. The best Cafe’s, tiniest bars and the best food, if the locals eat and drink there you know it’s going to be good!
    Fingers crossed!!

  24. Vikki Macefield

    My partner Daniel and I have been together 10 years. This year we bought our first house together after years of scrimping and saving. We are finally getting married on the 16th May 2017 in a small intimate wedding with just our immediate family.

    I’m addicted to pinterest anyway for all my wedding inspiration ideas! So love the idea of this competition to help out with a little getaway after tieing the knot!
    We love anything Scandinavian and their whole culture and laidback attitudes towards life, so it would be so rad if we were lucky enough to win 🙂

  25. We’re getting married on 2nd December 2016, and we haven’t booked a honeymoon yet as we can’t decide where to go… so a Surprise Trips honeymoon would be perfect!

    We haven’t picked a single destination for our Pinterest board. When we’re in a new city, we love wandering around, seeing the sights, taking in the local art and architecture, having some lovely meals together and really getting a feel for the place we’re in. So the board we’ve created reflects how we’d approach our Surprise Trip!

  26. Sarah Cohen


    Me and my fiancé are getting married next month! On Halloween and I’m sooo excited!!! However the honeymoon will be in San Francisco and has kind of been hijacked by friends who are joining us for the wedding and also fancied going west 😂 Sooo were planning a real honeymoon for next year so this would be perfect!!!

    My dream is a nice romantic get away with plenty of old gothic architecture such as Barcelona! Iceland blue lagoon would be magical and to catch a glimpse at the northern lights!! Santoruni would then tick off the romantic relaxing part such stunning veiws! But my board basically covers the whole of Europe as it’s got soo much to offer 💕

  27. Getting married in March and at the moment we are looking to book a weeks break in the UK, but would be fab to get away as he never takes holiday and he should cos he’s great. Italy is a dream – amazing food and drink and scenery and the accent 🙂 Historic buildings + greenery + food + drink mmmmm!


  28. Monique McLennan

    Our wedding is no joke – we are however getting married on the 1st of April 😀

    We do have one issue that is no laughing matter. The honeymoon.
    Currently in limbo, with many ideas fluttered, our honeymoon has yet to be planned (…and booked). The issue is not a desire to travel. No. the issue is ourselves and our inability to be decisive.

    RocknRoll Bride and Surprise Trips help team SAMMON out – take our troubles away and guide our our wedding out of potential disarray by deciding on our honeymoon for us.

    Throwing our trust into your hands, leaving the planning with the stars (which we all know you are) – thats how we would prefer to roll!

    Swimming with the Dolphins in Santorini (wait, does Santorini have dolphins??), walking among the gladiators (or just wearing our gladiator sandals) in rome, or pretending to be mermaids in venice (while on boats of course, we know that much) we are pretty sweet with whatever – As long as we don’t have to plan it!

    So throw a holiday at us – team SAMMON aka Sam and Monique, would love to take rockabilly across the European landscape!


    Matt and I are getting married on June 24th 2017. We have holiday booked for just over a week following our wedding, but nothing special planned as we’re broke, so will most probably go camping in Exmoor – which we absolutely love, so we’re OK with this idea.

    Of course, we would LOVE to experience another country together (we are yet to do this). Our board has a combination of Scandanavia, Sweden and Berlin. All places we think are beautiful. A perfect honeymoon would be somewhere with a lot of green spaces, castles, history and hidden gems within a train ride away from where we stay. Oh and great food! I’m vegan, so Berlin would be pretty amazing for that, but I like the small challenge of finding lovely little places that cater for me.

    Please take a look at our board 😚 X

  30. Samira Andriotte

    Me and my fiancé are getting married in 2017, June; but our Wedding is gonna happen a few months later, in October. Our Wedding is going to be minimalist, with small rock and roll details. This defines us perfectly. We are calm, pretty quiet, rockers and enjoy each other company.

    We have been together for 7 years, and we had not had the opportunity of traveling to another country yet. For our honeymoon we still don’t have anything prepared, and since we are a little broke (due to the apartment we are buying) we are going to travel in our own country, probably. By the way, we are from Brazil.

    Winning this is our opportunity to connect with something we have always been dreaming of: knowing a little piece of this magnificent world we live in.

  31. Claire Carroll


    We are getting married on 1st April 2017 and live in a fairly rural part of England, so our idea of a great honeymoon is getting lost in a busy European city. We’d love to go to Eastern Europe, Scandanavia, Portugal or Spain, but we love the idea of a surprise destintaion so would be overjoyed with whatever was thrown at us.

    Food is really important; we love discovering interesting local cuisines and going off the beaten track, but we enjoy being unashamedly touristy too! Before our daughter was born last year we’d often spend far too much money in restaurants and far too many late-night hours in bars, so it would be nice to relive those days on our surprise honeymoon.

  32. Sarah Hobson
    I thought you’d like this board on Pinterest…
    We would like to go anywhere in Europe! A surprise magical honeymoon where we could relax and have fun and enjoy being husband and wife! 🙂

  33. We would love to win this awesome competition. The idea of its destination being a complete surprise is very exciting.

    Our board is about some areas of Germany we would both like to visit but Italy, Poland, Finland basically anywhere with beautiful architecture and a story to tell!


    Our dream honeymoon would be a trip to Reykjavik, to explore the land of ice and fire.
    We would love to explore Reykjavik, drink coffee by the fire in the coffee houses, and try the local food. I would share my love of horseriding with my partner, by taking him on to ride an Icelandic horse & see some of the breathtaking landscapes. We’d definitely make time to visit and swim in the hot springs, & of course no trip to Iceland would be complete without a romantic night watching the Northern Lights.

  35. Hi there,
    Our Pinterest board can be found here:
    My fiancé and I are getting married on the 18th February 2017. We would absolutely love to win a surprise trip away as currently we are unable to afford a honeymoon and we were going to see if we could get away later next year. Also it would take us back to when we were younger and used to rock up to the travel agent and book a last minute weekend away to a cheap destination. They were always the most fun!
    Our honeymoon destination is Finland as it would be a once in a lifetime experience to see the northern lights. Also we would get to do some amazing activities such as a husky safari, reindeer slay ride, spend a night in the ice hotel, go ice fishing, try snowshoeing etc. Even just taking in the magical snow covered scenery would be enough. Then in the evening we could curl up in front of a log fire to relax.

  36. Our entry can be found at

    This is such a fantastic idea for a honeymoon! Adam and I get married on the 14th January 2017 and we are really excited to be married after 11 years together. We haven’t had a proper holiday for a couple of years and a honeymoon would be a massive treat for us. We love city breaks and exploring new places, and wherever we end up we are bound to enjoy ourselves! Having a surprise is so lovely, and takes any stress out of planning and overthinking your break. It would be a wonderful wedding present! Hope you enjoy looking at our Pinterest board 🙂


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