Casual Park Wedding in Germany

Her Holzner

July 30, 2015

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Iris and Josef planned their entire wedding by themselves. They wanted something casual and fun rather than formal and stuffy, so they chose to have their reception in a park in Regensburg, Germany.

“We wanted everybody to feel comfortable”, they explained. “So there were no rules, only a lot of friends and good spirits. We basically changed everything we didn’t like about weddings!”

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“One of our favourite things was the ‘friendbook’ that we made instead of a guestbook. Everybody had to fill it out and say things about us, for example what animal they think we’d be, what other names we could have… it was really funny to read the next day!”

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The bride’s incredible dress was homemade and was the biggest saving of the whole wedding. They even attached paper butterflies to the outside! “The skirt was made from a mosquito net from Ikea!” Iris laughed.

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“Our advice to other couples would be to try not to stress out”, she concluded. “If things go wrong – so what!? – it just give it the chance to be great! Our original caterers pulled out but instead of getting panicked, we found someone else and they ended up being even better in the end!”

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