16 Beautiful Brides in Equally Beautiful Short Wedding Dresses

amazing short wedding dresses

If a long wedding gown isn’t your thing, then don’t worry, there are so many options for short dress lovers!

There are so many reasons to be a short wedding dress bride…

Having one means you can show off your fabulous shoes


Retro rainy wedding

Or your even more fabulous tights!

love tights

1950s rockabilly wedding (the tights are from Amazon by the way!)

And you won’t get caught in any wayward foliage!


Unpretentious family-focused wedding

You can add as much sparkle as you like without it being over the top


CYYK, comic book and superhero wedding

And twirl away to your heart’s content!


Retro cartoon wedding

A blush pink number would be super pretty


Colourful, reused and kitsch wedding

Yep, pink wedding dresses are amazing


Emotional DIY kawaii wedding

Why not add a cute coloured cardigan?


Music themed wedding with red touches

Or little sleeves?


Springtime Edinburgh wedding

You could even go all out with a cat theme!


Feline themed Sydney wedding

The possibilities really are endless


1960s kitchen sink drama wedding

Because you’re a Rock n Roll bride!


Colourful woodland adventure wedding

And Rock n Roll brides are awesome!


Tattoos and toadstools

But whatever kind of dress you go for…


Colourful Melbourne wedding

Whether really long, or super super short…


Budget-friendly Ukrainian wedding 

You are going to look utterly beautiful!

smoke bomb wedding camera hannah

Smoke bombs, hippy buses and incredible Cornish views

Craving even more short wedding dress inspiration? Just click that link!


  1. I had a short dress 1950’s style, with a blue floral cotton petticoat, red satin wedges & a bolero in the early evening & a cardi later on when it cooled off a bit more.

  2. YES! Absolutely love a short wedding dress! They are super cute and you get to go to cool places for photos because you’re not so worried about getting dirty 🙂

  3. Katie

    My dress is short. I’m awful with walking in long dresses/skirts.
    My constant joke was if I had a long dress, I would trip up the aisle.

    My dress is short. Mid-thigh ish but closer to knee. I’m also buying expensive shoes {*cough*Christian Louboutin*cough*} so I want them seen!

  4. Well, I’m not actually a fan of short wedding dresses since I believe that the traditional ones will always have amazing effect. Anyway, don’t get me wrong for mentioning that. The designs are really nice. My favorite one is the Retro cartoon wedding dress. I love the flowing part. Looks more like of a girl celebrating her 16th birthday. =) And Emotional DIY kawaii wedding dress of course. So cute! Wedding planners could really help in finding these dresses for theme wedding.

  5. Emma M-L

    Loved my short 50’s style wedding dress with bright red petticoats underneath! I twirled all day to my hearts content


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