18 Alternative Outfit Ideas for Bridesmaids

alternative bridesmaid outfit ideas

It’s not just you that wants to look their best on your wedding day, your best friends will too! So instead of sticking them in some ill-fitting matching strapless monstrosities. why not give them something with a bit more style?!

You could have a brides-dude!


Source: Fashion forward London wedding

Or butterflies!


Source: Fairies, magic and nature inspired

All the colours of the rainbow look great together


Source: Glittery, colourful and fun

You could be inspired by a certain era, like the 20s…

1920s bridesmaids

Source: Eclectic basement wedding

…the 30s


Source: Retro wedding on Southend Pier

…the 40s


Source: Elaborate 1940s castle wedding

…the 50s


Source: Bright, quirky and vintage inspired Irish wedding

…or the 60s


Source: 1960s kitchen sink wedding

Who says only the bride can wear white?

white bridesmaids

Source: Oysters, beach huts and paddling in the sea

What about mixing different patterns?


Source: Unpretentious and family focused wedding


Source: Colourful Melbourne wedding

Get the little ones involved

alternative family wedding

Source: Alternative, family-centric wedding

You could pick a colour and let them choose a dress they love


Source: Relaxed South African farm wedding


Source: DIY and salvaged wedding

Or choose a theme and let them have fun


Source: Pop art and faux taxidermy

Mismatched pretty pastels


Source: Pretty homemade Disney inspired wedding

Bold colours


Source: Psychedelic 50s wedding

Subtle neutrals

nude bridesmaids dresses

Source: Sunny South Farm wedding

Why not mix complementing colours?


Source: Colourful South African beach wedding


Source: Rainy DIY festival wedding

Or just let them wear whatever they like and call it a day!


Source: Flaming Lips wedding


  1. Claire

    I am only having brides-dudes! I’m not close to any girls, all my best buds are guys so that’s what I’m going with. I can’t wait to dress them.

    You have picked some lovely ideas for bridesmaids though. My faves are the same colour theme but different style dresses.


  2. Arianna

    I’d advise against imposing a certain shape of dress to bridesmaids who have very different bodies. OK, it’s YOUR wedding and not theirs, but I think it would be best for everyone if they’re at ease with what they’re wearing! I’d hate having to dress my pear-shaped body (an my bottom!)in a squeezy 20s style dress, and though I’d do it anyway to please the bride, I’d feel quite uncomfortable.


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