Organic Nature-Inspired Johannesburg Wedding: Robin & Tamarin

Jacki Bruniquel

March 2, 2014


The work of South African wedding photographer Jacki Bruniquel never fails to blow me away. The way she captures things is so unique and wonderful, I love looking at weddings through her eyes. So I was thrilled when Robin and Tamarin’s gorgeous day landed in my inbox. Not only did Jacki’s beautiful photographs make my heart go a-flutter, but the wedding itself is too gorgeous for words! If you’re looking for some really organic and nature-inspired wedding ideas then this one is for you…


“We didn’t really have a theme per say, but we did try to play off the contrasting ceremony and reception spaces”, began the bride. “The ceremony was simple and minimalistic, underlining the clean refurbished industrial space; the reception was lush and organic. Both spaces suited the city context well.”


“To plan our day we sat and thought about what we loved about weddings, and what we hated. We generally don’t like being stuck at a table only able to chat to a few people, so it was important to us that our guests could move around freely. We therefore had a cocktail-style reception with various lounge-y areas. We also didn’t have garters, bouquet throwing, a wedding cake, bridesmaids, speeches, a DJ – we just felt they were unnecessary. The space is really what made it unique and quirky.”


“We did very few DIY projects, but the main one was the gifts for our guests”, she continued. “We planted herbs and cacti in little pots of all shapes, colours and sizes, which we thought suited the reception well. We tried to keep it as simple as possible – we didn’t want the planning to be stressful. I love that we planned way in advance and didn’t have table settings or lots of decorative crap to worry about!”


“We wouldn’t do anything different about our wedding”, she concluded. “Our advice would be to just sit down together from the onset and decide which things are the most important to you, and focus your time and money on those. Don’t stress too much about the rest because you won’t notice the little things on the day. A good photographer is also incredibly important – once it’s all over that’s often your best and only record of the event, it should be as special as possible.”