A Sexy South African Winter Wedding: Tertius & Melissa

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it’s going to be full on winter soon. I personally don’t mind when it starts to get all icy and crisp outside – it’s the perfect excuse to wear something knitted and cute, order a ridiculous sounding coffee drink (Cream! Caramel! Sugar! Marshmallows!) and snuggle up close with your lover. Perfect.

Plus we get to see weddings like Tertius & Melissa’s…

The wedding took place at Oakfield Farm in South Africa. The ceremony was held in the onsite chapel, and the reception in the homestead. For the decor, the couple went for a dramatic look with deep reds and earthy tones. “I’m not fond of the idea of ‘colour schemes’, but I love textures so we went for the earthy feel with just a little dash red”, explained the bride.” We added deep red roses and the bridesmaids wore red jackets. The rest we left up to mother nature!”

But you know what, I know you guys, and you’re all waiting for me to tell you about about Melissa’s amazing backless  wedding dress aren’t you!? Oh go on then…

“I’ve always known I wanted a long-sleeved wedding dress, so when the time came I knew what I wanted, but the only problem was there wasn’t a single long-sleeved dress in any bridal shop. So instead I made my own. I had the basic design idea down and then went to see Peter Bondisio who made it all come to life! And what a masterpiece it was! My taste has always been somewhat unique and sometimes a little way out and my wedding wasn’t going to be any different. I decided to go for some dramatic red lips and nails. I chose this because I felt nothing embodies a real woman quite as much as red nails and fiery lips, and a wedding day is the day that allows a woman to be just that; 100% pure woman!”

And holy moly lady you look seriously sexy! Lucky Tertius…

Thank you to Tertius & Melissa and their wedding photographers Skillie & Tehillah of Kikitography for sharing with us today.

Supporting Cast

Photography Credit: Kikitography
Venue: Oakfield Farm, SA
Bride’s Dress: Peter Bondisio
Bride’s Shoes: Luela
Groom’s Outfit: Carvello, Sandton
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Carika
Bridesmaid’s Jackets: Peter Bondisio
Cake: Black Vanilla cupcakes
Flowers: Magnifique Floral Art
DJ: PL Van Twisk


  1. Katherine

    Don’t get me wrong, this looked like an amazing and beautiful wedding. The dress and environment look just gorgeous! I’m just confused as to why it appears in this blog; it seems out of place. There doesn’t seem to be anything really ‘rock ‘n roll’ about it. Again, although beautiful, it seems to be quite standard – exactly the sort of wedding I’d see featured in a traditional bridal magazine – not really the sort of thing I’d expect to see in a blog specifically orientated towards bulking ‘the bridal magazine ‘ type wedding.

  2. Enke

    South Africa’s got it! Love this country and the possibilities it offers such as weddings like these 🙂

  3. Alex

    I’m going to have to agree with Kathrine. Being South African myself, I got all excited seeing the title of this wedding, but it does seem to be pretty average (except for her dress, which is AWESOME!).


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