An Elegant Fashion-Inspired South African Wedding: Matt & Sarah

Dear South Africa, you have the most wonderful weddings, Love Kat.

Seriously… seriously… Look at these guys!

Matt & Sarah were married at Rain Farm Game & Lodge. The ceremony was held by the picturesque infinity pool with the reception inside, in the venue’s ‘boma’, an enclosure traditionally used for livestock. To decorate the space the couple hung a Swarovski crystal chandelier. The table settings were simple and elegant. “We hung a 3 metre long Swarovski crystal chandelier over an elevated central fire”, explained Sarah. “Instead of flowers I chose to decorate each table with over 40 pillar candles, some were floating in water, as a contrast to the fire theme. Each candle was set in a unique clear glass vessel.  Some as tall as 40 cm down to small votives. I was inspired by the alter in a cathedral.  I chose fire and candle light to be the focal point of the wedding to create drama and almost a gothic type of feel. This is why I decided to do the bridesmaid’s gowns and neck pieces in metallic bronze as it carried the heat and fire and element through. There was no colour, just the warm glow of candles against a white / clear contrast.”

“I was really shy about walking down the aisle. So I loved that we got married on a bridge on the water which were slightly removed from our guests.  We had some of our young friends seated on cushions on the rockery around the edge of the pool which made it nice and relaxed. The beautiful view of the bush and the gorgeous sunny skies made it just perfect.”

The bridesmaid’s look was inspired by Charlize Theron in the Dior ‘J’adore’ perfume advert. Sarah made their necklaces. The bride wore an elegant wedding gown which she bought online from For You Dresses. “Our theme was based on a fashion shoot”, the bride continued. “I didn’t want a traditional wedding or any of the cheese that sometimes goes with that so because I am in the fashion industry it just made sense to base it on a fashion shoot. Fashion is what I am most passionate about.”

What a gorgeous way to end this week. I feel extra glamorous just looking at these guys… Thank you Matt & Sarah for sharing your wedding with us and to wedding photographer Fiona Clair for sharing her incredible images.

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Fiona Clair Photography
Venue: Rain Farm Game & Lodge, South Africa
Bride’s Dress: For You Dresses
Groom’s Suit: Carducci 
Hair: Sue Slatter
Make Up: Lisa Bailey
DJ: Kelvin Smith


  1. Katie

    Wow – simply stunning. I love the little flower girl’s dress and those amazing African skies

  2. Sam B

    Wow! Love the tribal theme, its so gorgeous. The bride looks amazing – that dress is WOW! xx

  3. Taryn

    A brilliantly thought out wedding with natures elements as the theme to work around as opposed to the “I just want it be a perfectly beautiful day” cliche and a colour scheme as the common thread.

  4. Stunning couple. Stunning bridesmaids. Stunning groomsmen. Stunning backdrop. STUNNING photography. Big thumbs up to Fiona Clair Photography – an amazing set of images.

  5. Wow. Just beautiful work. And what a gorgeous lot to photograph!

    Also – taking inspiration from Dior & Charlize Theron – I can’t think of anything more fabulous.


  6. Mike

    Thats my daughter and son-in-law. Perfect couple – perfect day.
    What a family!
    RSA rocks

  7. Donna Gard

    This has to be the most beautiful wedding I have seen in a long time! Stunning! Love the creativity too. They turned something so simple into something beautiful and elegant!
    Kuddos to the photographer too! 🙂

  8. Melanie

    Holy cow. This was so well put together. Metallics are soooo underrated and this just shines. Gorgeous, gorgeous bridesmaids outfits and jewellery. Bride and groom are too die for!!!!

  9. Melanie

    This is going up on my “imaginary wedding pinboard” and firmly staying there. Zebra? Crystal chandelier? The wedding rings? The bling thing? I think I need a little lie down.

  10. Catherine Lamb

    Absolutely stunning, what incredible detail has gone into this wedding, and the photographer has captured it all. Inspiring.

  11. Anastacia

    I’ve just been checking out the dress website – has anyone else brought from here?

  12. What an amazing wedding! The detail on the bride’s dress is amazing. The bridesmaids look like bronze goddesses with those fab dresses. And how cute is that little flower girl?

  13. Zey

    I lOVE all of this and I need that dress! does anyone know who the designer was? that website isn’t much help 🙁


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