Small Town DIY High School Wedding: Ben & Irene

Adrian Shields

January 18, 2014

DIY Hometown Highschool_Adrian Sields_063

Ben and Irene were married at Pietersburg High School, in Polokwane, South Africa. The ceremony was held on the front lawn and the reception in the gym. “Our wedding was described to me by one of my friends as one of the most ‘sharing’ he has ever seen. Meaning that the theme was us, as well as our friends and family”, began the groom. “Everything there was something we loved, or something that meant something to ourselves or our guests, and in most cases both.”

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“The venue was very unique in the fact that it was a school. I’ve personally never seen or heard of a wedding held at a school before, but Irene came up with the idea.  he school was full of awesome spots to take photos and we had a lot of space to use (a whole school). Better still it didn’t cost us an arm and a leg.  The other important thing about our wedding was how laid back it was. There where beers available on ice for guests to have whenever they liked, even during the ceremony, which made the whole vibe very comfortable from the start.”

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“We really wanted to make the wedding very ‘us'”, took over the bride. “Our favorite food was served, we choose all the music that we loved and the names of the tables were our pets. We decorated the hall as a reflection of our personalities and the venue itself bought back so many memories of growing up and ‘finding’ ourselves at school.”

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“Finally I just wanted to say that my day was made when I found out our wedding was going to be on Rock n Roll Bride, actually I cried a little”, Irene concluded. “The day after the wedding I told Ben that one of my dreams for our wedding was for it to be featured on a blog, but I realized the wedding was so much fun and everything we wanted it to be so it really didn’t matter any more… but when we saw the first photos I knew it was ‘big blog’ material! When I first discovered Rock n Roll Bride and how unique and different all the weddings on there were, I could only have dreamed to one day be featured too!”

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