Colourful Alternative Bridal Shoot in a Castle

Lorna Lovecraft

March 23, 2013

Lorna Lovecraft_Alt Bridal Fashion Shoot (47)

Struggling to find the kinda of clients they really wanted to work with in Yorkshire where they’re based, photographer and videographer Lorna LovecraftDarryl Forrester decided to take matters into their own hands and show these kinds of alternative couples why they should be booking them.

“Although we have both been in business for a while, we have been struggling to book the kinds of clients who are having the style of wedding that we really want to shoot”, Lorna wrote. “We really want to work with couples who have a very individual style and are not afraid of doing things their own way on their wedding day. We decided whilst business was quiet in January we would do an alternative styled bridal fashion shoot to try and highlight our skills to our ideal clients.”

Lorna Lovecraft_Alt Bridal Fashion Shoot (24)

“I took inspiration from Kat’s article which appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine about future trends in weddings for 2013. One of the items that leapt out at me was bold colour and where she wrote ‘The vintage trend that dominated the wedding industry for the past few years is finally starting to wane. Instead of pretty and pale, 2013 will be the year of daring colour choices… And I’m talking bold colour baby! Colours that contrast and complement like black and yellow, or teal and grey, will be popular selections, but for the more daring couples it’s all about the clash! I’m thinking pink and orange, or yellow and green! Delicious’.”

Lorna Lovecraft_Alt Bridal Fashion Shoot (41)

“I had been wanting to pull together a purely bridal fashion shoot for a while, and initially I thought I would do something very vintage, but upon reading that article my ideas flipped around and I knew bright, bold and fun was the way to go! I wanted to show potential brides something really different to every other bridal fashion image and hopefully inspire them to think outside the box for their hair, make up and dress ideas on their own big day.”

Well Lorna, I’m thrilled to have inspired you to do this amazing shoot! Let’s hope in turn you can now inspire my readers to do the same for their weddings! So guys, what do you think of the idea of a bright and bold coloured wedding theme?