Completely Casual White on White South African Wedding: Kyle & Lauren

Fiona Clair Photography

June 12, 2013

Kyle & Lauren Scott Fiona Clair Photography-237

Kyle and Lauren wanted a completely casual wedding and that meant no DIY! “How do people find the time?!” Lauren laughed, “We both work very stressful full time jobs and as much as I would have loved to do a variety of cute and quirky crafty bits, we simply did not have the time.” This attitude filtered through to the rest of their wedding with the simple cocktail style tables, the finger food and the bring your own bar.

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“We wanted the entire wedding to be more like a party than a wedding”, she continued. “We wanted to keep the traditional stuff to a minimal and if we did anything traditional, like cutting the cake, we wanted to do it with a twist (we cut it with an axe!) For the furniture, we opted for cocktail tables and lounge areas rather than the staple long or round tables. This meant that there were no seating placements and everyone could sit where they wanted to.”

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“We served mini foods (seven courses) which meant that waiters were constantly bring different types of food to you (no queuing at a buffet table!) The food was amazing, cauliflower soup served in espresso cups (I had two of these), veggie wraps, mini bunny chows, mini burgers, prawn noodle boxes and much more. We ended off the food with chocolate shooter cups filled with a coffee liqueur an of course, the cutting of the cake with an axe. For the bar we brought in all our own wines and champagne which saved us a ton of money. “We paid corkage, but we got really good deals on the wine so it still came out cheaper than if we bought the wine directly from the venue.”

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