Reused & Recycled Macedonian Wedding: Marta & Vedran

Atelier 22

May 23, 2013

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Marta & Vedran were married in the garden of Vodenica Mulino, a restaurant and bar in Macedonia. Their reception then took place inside. Their day was casual, laid back but most of all, fun! The bride wore a custom made blush pink dress dress and carried an brightly coloured felt bouquet. “Everyone wants their wedding to be different and memorable”, the bride began. “We had lots of time to think about ours as we had a long engagement.”

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“First and most importantly, we agreed that we don’t want some crazy posh wedding with tons of decorations and fresh flowers that would die in two days. That is why we decided everything had to either be recycled or reusable, and to be personal in design. Instead of crazy flower table decorations, we had tin cans in which small pine trees were planted. All of the flower decorations were potted. Guests at each table were bidding for the pine tree, and we donated the money gathered from to a couple we know with young foster children. Many people still inform us how the trees are progressing in their yards which is lovely to hear about.”

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“The invitations were very personal”, she continued, “with words representing our relationship. We designed them and they were printed on recycled paper. In correlation to that, each table had a name which was one word from the invitation. For the rest of the decorations we went bright in colour! The candies, my accessories and bouquet and the origami bird curtain, which was a favourite detail of mine, were all super bright. All in all, it was a beautiful, elegant and romantic atmosphere, one which we couldn’t have had without help from our friends who set it up – so thank you to them!”

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“My favourite part of the whole experience was all the preparations!” Marta concluded.”Everything was homemade and handcrafted so we needed a lot of time to do that. Almost every weekend for the last four months my closest family was gathered to work. Mom, grandma, auntie, cousin…even my dad was helping with what he could! All of my best friends (the bridesmaids) were also helping. We tried to make it fun for everyone and we even had a few ‘leisure working weekends’ by the sea with wine and beer. At moments it was very tiring but I would never change how we did it. Those are the most precious and fun moments, full of stories and laughter, and are stories that we’ll be telling for the rest of our life.”

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