FREE SHOES! Winner of the £100 Give Voucher from Zalando Announced

July 18, 2011

via Kurt Geiger

Happy Monday everyone. I hope I’m about to make someone’s week start off on the right foot because I’ve just popped by to announce the winner of the £100 gift voucher for Zalando, the online shop store.

And the winner is….(drum roll please)

K-Cliff, who chose these little babies…

Congratulations K-Cliff! You’ve done really well too becuase the shoes you picked were only £52 wich means you still have £48 worth of vouchers to spend…two pairs of free shoes? You lucky thing!

Someone from Zalando will be in touch by email shortly to send you your voucher code. Happy shopping (…yeah, not jealous at all!)


  1. K-Cliff


    Thank you Kat, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you!

    I have already ordered my shoes (and a fabulous pair of boots) I got so excited I couldn’t wait any longer.

    I think this is the happiest I have ever been on a Monday morning – thank you!

    K-cliff x x x x x

  2. K-Cliff

    Yep! They actually sent me the voucher before I’d had a squiz at the blog (which I do religiously everyday with a cuppa). I deleted it thinking it was junk, thank gawd I checked and got it back! You’re all bloomin’ brill! 🙂


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