Fairytale Proposal

This video is entitled ‘The best marriage proposal in world history.’ I’m not convinced. I would seriously die of embarrassment if I was this girl, but if you’re after the fairytale dream then I guess can’t get much better than this! I dare you not to cringe as you watch this..I bet you can’t.

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  1. Thimbler

    You have got to be kidding me. This is the cheesiest thing ever!! I cannot believe there is people who actually do this xDDD I would like the ground to open up and swallow me… Oh wait! I actually would never date someone THAT cheesy…

    Still, It’s kinda cute, lol.

  2. I couldn’t look away….I would have been horrified if that had been me. But it is probably *them* bet they have a wedding a Disney princess would be proud of…horse drawn coach, 500+ guests and all.

  3. My fiance proposed at Disney too (which is where he also told me he loved me the first time on Main Street Valentine’s Day 2006) –but he did it on Tom Sawyer’s Island when no one was around. Thank god!

  4. Wow! She must feel special. But not special enough to deserve a private moment to enjoy or even answer her proposal without having to think about the “show”. Kinda cheesy. Takes balls though. Not my style. A little impersonal and self indulgent. Probably Disney. My buddy proposed on splash mountain by holding up a secret sign when they took their picture going over the waterfall. That was sweet!


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