WIN Tickets For You & Your Bridesmaids to The Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair (To See Me Strut My Stuff on the Catwalk) + A Little Sneak Peek of My ‘Beloved’ Session with Gareth

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Beautiful invite designed by Cutture London

Yeah…longest post title ever!

As many of you already know, I have been invited to make my catwalk debut at the Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair on Monday 21st March 2011 and to celebrate this, Luella’s would like to give away five VIP tickets to one very lucky Rock n Roll Bride reader and her bridesmaids to attend the show (to support me!)

Just some of the exhibitors that will be there include:

Bespoke Events London, Hayford & Rhodes, Rhubarb Food Design, The Little Venice Cake Company, Charlotte Casedejus, Lisa Redman, Jaqueline Byrne, Caroline Atelier, Johanna Johnson, Buttonbelle, Yarwood-White, The Real Princess Company, Magpie Vintage, Jane Taylor Millinery, Rachel Simpson, Freya Rose, Emmy, Diane Hassall, Ell & Cee, Benefit Cosmetics, Beyond Beyond, Emily Quinton, The Utterly Sexy Cafe, Cutture London…and many more!

The fair is being held at the beautiful, One Marylebone in London and the Monday event is on from 4-9pm…and I’m reliably informed that there will be cocktails!

To enter, simply comment below by midday Wednesday 16th March and the winner will be announced in Thursday Treats later this week. The only term and condition I put on you is that you have to come watch me in the show and ‘whoop’ as I saunter/stroll/tumble down the catwalk!

Arrrrgh…yeah, so I’m pretty scared.

For more on the show, or if you’re not lucky enough to win but would still like to come along – info on how to purchase tickets for either the Sunday or Monday event can be found in this post I wrote about it last week.

This contest is now closed

Keep your eyes peeled to the blog this week for further updates on the show and some behind the scenes stuff as I prep for my debut on the catwalk!

Oh and off topic, but I couldn’t resist a little sneak peek (you know me!) Check out what Gareth & I got up to yesterday. I can’t WAIT to see the rest of the photos…How hot is my husband?!

Photography Credit: Marianne Taylor Photography


  1. I love your blog! It gives me courage to do my June wedding exactly they way I want to and without feeling weird about myself.
    Very sweet shots, is it Richmond park?
    I would love to cheer and not whoop at you next Monday at the Luella’s Boudoir wedding fair.

  2. omg i would love to be there to *whoop* as you strut your stuff! Such an amazing event it would be absoloutely amazing to go – plus i think my bridesmaids would actually cry with happiness if we got these tickets! Even if i don’t win im sure your catwalk debut will be amazing kat 🙂


  3. Charlotte

    I’d love to have a ticket to come see you on the Kat-Walk… ahem… I’m a bridesmaid and have got so much inspiration from your blog, which I have passed on to my friend… I’d love to thank you in person x

  4. I would be completely over the moon delighted if I could attend this – looks vintageously marvellous!

    Unashamedly addicted to RocknRoll Bride, I am currently in the throws of planning a very unique wedding in Jan/Feb next year. It seems all my research thus far is online – so it would be wonderful to attend this event, and get some ‘real life’ inspiration.

    There’s absolutely no way my fiance and I are having a dull as dishwater wedding – we want it to be alternative, but about us and our tastes. You will hear that every day, I know… but don’t you just find these ‘cookie cutter’ weddings a total yawn fest?

    Big love to all you RocknRoll Brides out there!


  5. Leila

    Hi Kat,

    Please can you fix it for me to attend Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair with my beautiful bridesmaids Jemma, Zoe, Shannel & Laura? Laura is my sister, and she’s already got her dress for her wedding next year, mine is also next year and I haven’t planned anything yet! This would be a great oppourtunity to get my girlies together, as they are spread out across the UK and all have such different personalities that I’d love to bring out in their outfits on the big day.

    Also, I’m an expert clapper and am pretty good at cheering so would love to cheer you on as you walk the runway! You must be so excited! I did a wedding fair when I was at uni, (nowhere near as cool as this one though!) I wasn’t tall enough to be a bride, but got to wear a beautiful bridesmaids dress! And what’s more, I got my boyf to take part too, all the ladies in the audience were whistling when he came on stage with the James Bond-esque tux! He’s gonna be my husband you know!!!!! 🙂 xxx

  6. CJ

    Hey Kat!
    Myself and two (of my three) bridesmaids will be more than support…..we’ll cheerlead! It’s my birthday on the 19th and we can’t all make it to get together for that that so it would be lovely to come along and see you strutting your stuff and to meet with all the lovely suppliers!
    I’ve put countless other Brides onto your blog and they are all loving it! Such an inspiration and a brilliant go to ‘little black book’ for anyone that’s getting married…even if they see themselves as traditional (like one of my friends)
    PS loving the vids too!

  7. Charlotte

    Hi Kat, this sounds FUN! I would love to enter. The catwalk, the strutting, the cocktails…sounds brill xx

  8. Cecilia

    This sounds like an amazing event!!! I’d love to be there so I can pick more inspiration for my wedding next October! Xxx

  9. Caireen

    Desperately need, need, need some help in planning my wedding as have left it all a little last minute so would really appreciate the tickets to the event. Will also promise to be on hand to cheer you on.

  10. Jess

    hi Kat

    me and my bridesmaids would be awesome support, i get married in July so not long to go and i so need the motivation to get me through finishing all my DIY! would love to attend and you will rock the catwalk 🙂

  11. Clare

    Your blog has been a source of both inspiration and comfort to me whilst planning our wedding- which is now only 5 weeks away-yikes!
    I can think of no better thanks than to come and cheer you along, I can whoop like no other! x

  12. Penny

    I would LOVE to come and cheer you along the catwalk! Your blog is awesome – it was such a relief to find someone talking about weddings with so much personality! It would be great to bring my bridesmaids too to show them that some of my wedding ideas aren’t that weird after all…
    (PS my fiance is called Gareth too 🙂 )

  13. I would like to enter please. I’ve never been to something like this and I would LOVE to go! And I would cheers LOTS!!! It would be awesome to see you on the katwalk 🙂

  14. Charlotte

    Oh oh oh! This sounds amaaaaazing! Beautiful venue, beautiful dresses and shoes and beautiful model?! Perfect 🙂

    Would love to attend with my gang of cheering ladies please – they cheered for me in my wedding dress fitting so I KNOW they’ll be whooooping for you with me as you strut down the catwalk! – and I would love to see some inspirational loveliness at the show!

  15. Anna-Maria

    I would love to go, I’ve been stalking posts about the show but didn’t quite have the funds to book the tickets. I would love to bring my bridesmaid to something not involving me stressing/crying!
    Plus I would love to see you on the catwalk, head up, shoulders back etc… Good luck!

  16. Becki Rowe

    Hey Kat, i’m getting married on the 29th May 2011. I sit at work everyday scrolling through your blog which by the way is wicked! I love that it’s different and is every way the way I imagine my own wedding.
    I would love to win tickets to the wedding fair. Not only to meet the cool ass bird who put this amazing blog together but to help me finalise my big day which is coming round too fast argggghhhhhhhh!!! very excited.
    Fingers Crossed.
    My ladies are the best and would give you loads of support while your strutting your stuff. We will even bring pom poms!!!

    Becki xxx


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