Lori & Nick’s Boundary-Breaking Day After Sesh.

February 18, 2011

Lori & Nick were married in Hawaii in November and weren’t 100% happy with their professional photographs. While they were lovely, they didn’t have any pictures of Lori getting ready, and very few pictures that broke any boundaries.

Lori loved her dress, and she really wanted to have some more shots taken that she could really treasure,  “That’s when they found me,” explained photographer Sarah Maren. “We got together at the lovely Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento where Lori and her Mom had spent a girls night.”

“We were able to get pictures of Lori’s Mom helping her get dressed (something she missed out on doing at the actual wedding because she was busy setting up the ceremony space.) We then braved the cold and rain and rocked out an incredible portrait session of this beautiful couple.  We ended things under the freeway with Lori lying next to a drainage grate.  It was perfect!”

Thanks to photographer Sarah for sharing this wonderful session with us today

Photography Credit: Sarah Maren Photography


  1. Lou

    I love love love this, I really do.
    It’s a shame the bride isn’t smiling more in her photos though. She looks lovely when she smiles!

  2. KAT! It’s such a huge treat to be back on this amazing blog of yours, thank you so much for the feature, looks amazing!!!! Much Love xo

  3. For some reason I’m mesmerized by the bride’s tattoo! Such detail. I can’t stop looking at it long enough to look at the other pics! It’s beautiful.

  4. Love the different backgrounds the photographer used of the church, graffiti wall etc. Just not the same old boring pictures you normally see in wedding photos, simply gorgeous.


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