Vintage, Floral and a Tattooed Bride

This gorgeous and rockin’ bridal shoot took place in LA and was shot entirely with film, with virtually no post-production. The bride wore a Betsey Johnson dress and shoes and jewellery from Tarina Tarantino. Her cute parasol was from Chinatown Los Angeles.

Thank you to Parisian photographer Juliane for sharing these today

Photography Credit: Juliane Berry Photography


  1. Jacqueline Berry

    Wow! These are stunning. The colors are amazing and they have a fairy tale dreamlike feel to them.

  2. Kelly Brooks

    I had such a great day with Juliane when we did this shoot. I got to frolic all morning in the flowers, and then cool off in a fountain, what’s better than that? I love that she was able to mix a classic and modern styles. I look forward to working with her again.

  3. Great work, Julianne! Love the colors, the energy, beautiful setting, lovely model, everything leaps off the page, classic and modern at the same time. Very well done!

  4. cassie

    i love love love this pics… gorgeous!!!! where did u get ur necklace from ME WANT!!!


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