Vintage, Floral and a Tattooed Bride

November 5, 2010

This gorgeous and rockin’ bridal shoot took place in LA and was shot entirely with film, with virtually no post-production. The bride wore a Betsey Johnson dress and shoes and jewellery from Tarina Tarantino. Her cute parasol was from Chinatown Los Angeles.

Thank you to Parisian photographer Juliane for sharing these today

Photography Credit: Juliane Berry Photography


  1. Lisa

    Like so many I too am a huge Dolly fan. This just proves once again what an amazing and ‘real’ person she really is. 🙂

  2. Valerie

    So unfair! I can’t imagine have THE Dolly Parton in my family. She’s always been an awesome woman. And the Bride to Be’s Dress is simply to die for! I really hope she send you wedding pics.

  3. april king

    These pics are something to cherish. Rebecca you made a beautiful bride, love the dress, just what i would want. Dolly Rebecca looked sooo tickled and proud. I am 38 and have been a fan since 4. Thank you! for sharing, can’t imagine how the wedding was. Best wishes

  4. Ron

    Why did you not include pics of Rebecca’s mother (Rachel who played Doraleee on the TV version of Nine to Five) or her dad (Richard Dennison who is backup singer to Dolly)?
    I also question WHY Rebecca has all those tats?? Isn’t that dangerous for type 1 diabetics to have tats?
    (as u all can tell…i am quite the Dolly fan myself! I live in her hometown and have always loved Dolly and the Partons!)

  5. Christina Fink

    I believe Rebecca is Cassie’s daughter. Rachel and Richard’s daughter is Hannah.

  6. Kevin Cotton

    Rebecca is Cassie daughter, not Rachel and Richard’s. I’ve been a fan of Dolly my whole life and remember Rebecca as a baby on many Dolly TV appearances.

  7. Ron

    Oops My bad …their daughter is Hannah! Sorry!!! I can now see why they had no pics of Rachel and Richard…ha ha
    Thanks for correcting me!

  8. Jenn

    I had the pleasure of being Rebecca’s wedding planner! And what a joy she was! Dolly truly is a sweet woman, the day was so perfect and Rebecca was one of my favorite brides! Rachel Parton was there, and as my daughters namesake, she made sure to take a picture with me before she left. Such a down home sweet family. It was such a special day- Thank you Rebecca (and Aunt Granny) for allowing me to be apart of such a special day and I hope I made everything as smooth as I could!

  9. Jenny

    This is amazing, but the selective colour? My god, these photos…. simply don’t do Dolly or the bride justice….


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