Tattoos, Balloons & Underwater Love

When Mat & Kenzie’s engagement session hit my inbox I was floored. Not only are the pair enviably stylish and gorgeous but they ended their shoot underwater! Every photo just gets better and better.

This one will take some serious beating.

Thanks to Carl for sending these to me and putting an instant smile on my face

Photography Credit: Carl Zoch Photography


  1. wow so different, is that actually her wedding dress she’s wearing at the end? I am tres impressed at their ability to pose underwater, I can barely open my eyes let alone do anything else! x

  2. Pie

    Me too Pip. If I tried that I’d just have my face screwed up and then me scrambling out spluttering and blinking with mascara running down my cheeks.

  3. We did some ‘jumping of the pier’ photos recently and my boy is holding his nose on all of them so I’m another one who’s amazed by those photos. Love them.


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