Chihuahuas, Cupcakes & Cuddles

September 30, 2010

“I’m no model,” bride to be Angela’s email began, “but I just got a sneak peek of our engagement session photos and I love them so much I thought I would share.”

“No model?” I thought, “not only does that not matter in the slightest but I might actually have to disagree with her a little bit there. She is totally gorgeous!”

Angela,  her fiance Luc and their two chihuahuas Minou & Birdie (there’s no way we can ignore them!) had a beautiful session to celebrate their engagement. The couple, who will be marrying in Mexico next May, wanted a variety of shots from casual ones with the dogs to ones with ridiculous props and finally to a few on a golf course. “Because my sweetie loves golf we went to a golf course and tried to have a vintage feel to the pics… Don’t know how much of a vintage feel we got but I don’t care – I love them!” Angela told me.”I love that our photographer got pics of my purple fluevogs and Luc’s black sabbath converse. She even took pictures of a silly card Luc made for me while they waited for me to get home from work, and pictures of the dogs on the couch posing.”

“I adore Vicki (our photographer),” Angela concluded. “She was so easygoing, she used all my silly props, bribed uncooperative pups, put up with my constant ‘Blue Steel’ poses, worked with limited time (because I was late and we were losing the sunlight), and still managed to get some great photos that are truly ‘us’. Can’t wait to have her at our wedding in May.”

Huge thanks to Angela & Luc (and Minou & Birdie) for sharing these today. I can’t wait to see the wedding in May!

Photography Credit: Vicki Gannon Photography