Save the… Cupcakes

Everybody loves cupcakes right?! Well photographer Kate and her fiance Geoff took their cake obsession one step further by making them their centrepiece for their awesome Save the Dates.



Hungry now.


Check out the outtakes too! Aren’t they fun?

Thanks to Kate for sharing these tasty shots

Credit: Crabapple Photography


  1. This is ace. We thought about doing something similar, but would have probably eaten all the cakes before we got to take the pics.

    Plus you gotta love anyone getting their cat involved.

  2. Post author

    love giant cats! guys, should have asked, is he a maine coon? we just got to maine coon kitties..and they will be giants too!

  3. Rockin! Thanks for checking out the photos.
    Tattybojangles it was tough not to eat them first, trust me. But don’t worry, no cupcakes were harmed during the shooting of this card- all ended up in my belly eventually.

    You’re right, Monsieur l’orange is a Maine Coon cat! And he is H-U-G-E.


  4. Tattybojangles

    Feeling inspired from this so we have decided to make our own wedding cake.

    Trial run this weekend with cake going to charity cake sale for local cat rescue centre where our little girl came from 🙂


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