Film is not Dead – Part 1: Stacey & Chris

I’ve got a bit of a triple hitter for you today – a feature in 3 parts. I was sent some images by Jonathan Canlas that he took at one of his world renowned photography workshops entitled Film is Not Dead, which was held last month in San Diego. He sent over shots of 3 equally gorgeous and totally Rock n Roll couples so I’m going to feature them all. Here we go with couple number one – Stacey & Chris.

Stacey is wearing Halogen cardigan from Nordstrom, a vintage dress found in San Francisco for $15, J.Crew hair clip, Forever21 bracelet, Vaneli shoes from Nordstrom.

Chris is wearing a Zara suit, J.Crew shirt and tie, Kenneth Cole tie clip, Aldo shoes.

Pop by later for gorgeous couple number 2 & 3!

Thanks to Jonathan for sharing these

Credit: Jonathan Canlas Photography

Jonathan hosts a number of ‘Film is not Dead’ workshops every year. The next workshops that still have spaces available are due to take place in Seattle on July 18th-20th 2011 and in Park City UT on October 3rd-5th 2011. For more info, check out the blog and get in touch!


  1. These photographs are beautiful. I love film but totally missed that era, know nothing about it and am trying to learn… I would definitely sign up for this workshop if it were closer to home! Fancy a trip to Blighty Jonathan? : )

  2. You really can’t beat film. It has a mood and feel all of its own.

    Great work Jonathan.

    Victoria: using film really isn’t all that different from digital if you shoot with an dSLR already. You just have less wiggle room with your exposures….

  3. Beautiful photos, I would have thought file was more difficult to use well, I think its best in the hands of the professionals. I like being able to edit my digital. But I agree, film can look more real. Nice job.

  4. Oh..Myyyyyyyyyyyyy. Film just squeezes my heart. i want to LEARN more of it,too. =)

    Inspiring works Jonathan! Thanks for sharing Kat!

  5. Andy

    Nick, even less wiggle with your exposures if you shoot slide film, be amazing to see a wedding photographed on transparency film. Aww that reminds me i have one last kodachrome slide film in the fridge!! Film is not dead, but it is getting harder to obtain stock, especially if one uses transparency film.


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