We ♥ Miami

Amanda & Marcel’s Florida engagement session was a gift from their friend Mireya at Axiom Photo Studio. “From the moment Marcel and I got engaged, Mireya called us up and said…’I have a vision’ ” Amanda told me. “She told us where and when to meet and she would take care of the rest. I decided to hit up a few Goodwill stores the night before and ended up getting my entire wardrobe for under $20. She knew she wanted to capture “us” and “Miami” and she really did. She took us to some kick-ass graffiti walls in Wynwood and then we traveled back to Little Havana for some cafecito. The whole shoot took about four hours and we all had a blast (including our 2 chihuahuas).”

Thanks to Amanda & Marcel for sharing their fab shoot with us today

Credit: Axiom Photo Studio


  1. Sandi

    Great pics! I live in the middle east now… coming from Miami… the shots make me miss home!
    Congrats on your engagement… may you have a blessed life together xx

  2. Juan

    so much better than a lot of Engagement shots!
    the personality’s shine through – not an easy thing to capture effectively.
    they are young, alive and in love
    very vibrant and so is the city..
    good visual communication i think.

  3. Kate

    I want her shoes in shot 9, oh my gosh! So adorable. I love the composition and saturation of these photos, just gorgeous


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