An Eclectic, Vintage & Non Traditional Bridal Look

July 14, 2010

Photographer Amanda and her model Cathy wanted to style a shoot that didn’t in anyway reflect the usual bridal look. They wanted to explore how using what the bride loves can and should shape her bridal look and not the preconceived ideas portrayed by the wedding industry. “The inspiration for this shoot was Cathy and all the things she loves” explained Amanda. “She has very eclectic tastes and is a collector of beautiful things. Both of the dresses were vintage pieces that she has picked up over the years along with the jewellery and jackets. Cathy also loves Vivienne Westwood hence her hair colour and the shoes.”

The shoot was held at Kerrowgair B&B in Yass, Australia – not only a wonderfully romantic setting for a wedding, but the perfect contrast to their non-traditional bridal look.

Thanks to Amanda & Cathy for sharing this shoot with us today

Credit: Thorson Photography