A Sunday Kind of Love – Blood Brothers Tattoo Studio, Mike Harris & Al Overdrive

OK, so I’m so bloomin’ impatient. My sleeve tattoo technically isn’t finished yet (I’ve got another 4 hours or so to go in 4 weeks time – I’m adding some more colour to the background and some more cupcakes and diamonds – yum) but I’ve waited 2 weeks already to share these pictures and I can’t do it anymore!

At my last session at the amazing Blood Brothers Tattoo Studios in Holloway Rd, London, photographer Al Overdrive offered to pop down and take a few photographs of me in pain/being brave/getting inked. Al won Tattoo Photographer of the Year this year and is pretty well known in the music and tattoo photography market, shooting for magazine like Skin Deep, Tattoo Master, Rock Sound and Terrorizer as well as shooting some pretty damn cool alternative weddings.

So while tattooist Mike Harris (I love him) went to work on me (so to speak!) Al snapped away. Aren’t these shots great?  I’d do have to say it wasn’t the most fun photo shoot I’ve ever done (ouchy) but the results are a great little memento to have. My facial expressions are priceless. I seem to go from pained smile to manic grin to an “I’ve had enough now thank you” look rather quickly!

Stay tuned for more in about 4 weeks when I have the final touches done…and I’ll have some even more exciting photographs to share with you then…and not just of me. Eeeek!

Huge thanks to Al for taking the time to come and take these photographs for me and to Mike (of course) for the tattoo awesomeness – roll on part 3!

Credit: Al Overdrive


  1. My favourite part is definitely those cupcakes, for sure. So cute! You look like you were holding up pretty well 🙂

  2. Wow, great photos. Great to see your expression changing over the course of the tattooing. Have often wondered what my expression was like when I got my tattoo done, but it’s significantly smaller so I doubt it would even compare! Love the look of the tattoo, just fantastic, and you look pretty hardcore for most of it!

  3. Your sleeve is looking fantastic! Loving the facial expressions! An old man sitting on the train next to me was staring intently at my sleeve today and so I started showing it to him and telling him how nowadays the majority of really kick-ass ink is all being done on beautiful young ladies like ourselves!

    Can’t wait to see the next update!

  4. It looks great so far, sorry to hear you are finding it so painful though, maybe I’m just weird/lucky but if anything i kinda liked the feeling when i was getting my tattoos :S

  5. nice tat. i just got my first one last nite when my husband and i went out on a date. they TOTALLY ripped me to shreds b/c all i got was a lil wee one. “matti” across my wrist. i was telling matt just last night i need to bring my cam next time he gets a tat.


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