Outdoorsy Autumn Diy Wedding

April 9, 2010

Summer & Frank got married exactly a year after their first date. The wedding had an Autumn theme and was held at a local park. Their reception was at one of their favourite hang outs – Fatty’s in Astoria. “I started looking for parks in our area where we could also hold the reception.” Summer told me. “We’re both very casual and outdoorsy, so we didn’t want anything formal–we wanted the focus to be more on the happiness of the day. The cost for renting local parks is a shocking fraction of more formal venues, too, and you can bring in your own catering, which gives you more options for food. I’m a vegetarian, so that was important.”

Summer wore a dress which she found at Group USA’s outlet store in Secaucus, NJ. “Their selection of last season’s dresses is stunningly wide, and outrageously priced. Let’s just say I paid more to hem the dress than I did for the dress itself! The dress I wore to the after party is from Blue Velvet Vintage.” She matched her outfit with a veil that she made herself and her Great-Grandmother’s vintage pearl handbag. Summer gave her bridesmaids a different Autumn shade each and asked them to pick any dress they liked that matched. She did this because she wanted them to have a variety of colours “just like autumn leaves.”

Most of the wedding was a diy effort, with Summer making their wedding programmes as mix cds that she put together based on this tutorial she found on Style Me Pretty. The catering was done by their favourite Italian resturant Jerry’s. “Their website doesn’t do justice to the savory, entirely authentic cuisine they produce. If you’re not in the area, a road trip to visit this place is a no-brainer. Better bring a cooler, though! You won’t be able to leave empty-handed. Instead of a cake, we had a tower of pastries from Rispoli’s. I ordered a DIY stand from www.cupcaketree.com and decorated it with the same materials I used for the wedding program CDs.” 

Thanks to Summer, Frank and photographers Sam & Adam for sharing this fabulous wedding

Credit: SMOStr