Funky, Modern, Urban Jungle

March 27, 2010

Have you ever seen anything so cute? First up the funky, urban jungle feel juxtaposed with her cute yellow flats, sticky-out skirt and glasses. Following that the book shop, the record store and playing on the swings and lounging in the park. Seems to me like the perfect backdrop to the perfect engagement session.

Thanks to Shannon for sharing these

Credit: SNS Photography


  1. sam

    Thanks for the lovely comments Kat! Marianne is a genius and has such a great eye – I recommend her to all your UK readers!! By the way, I love the title: Lady Diana… although in reality it’s more like Dirty Diana. I really should show her more love! Glad you like the pics, you made my day x

  2. Post author

    haha I was going to called it ‘Dirty Diana’ actually but then i thought someone might not get it and/or get offended! hehe glad we had the same idea though!


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