Faux Fur Retro Chic

Fashion designer Kelly & her fiance, Martin’s engagement is a total joy of faux fur, retro chic! Their amazing-sounding Halloween  themed wedding will be taking place in October this year and after Kelly told me she’s not only making her bridesmaid dresses but her own wedding dress I was literally already chomping at the bit to see the results! In this, their engagement session, Kelly looks amazing in her red tights, vintage faux fur coat (from a Salvation Army store) and headband (a gift from her future Mother in law.) Congratulations guys!


Thanks to Kelly & Martin for sharing these with us

Credit: Melanie Maxwell Photography


  1. Kelly and Martin hear the music when the shutter clicks. Kellylynne.com reminds me of McQueen’s Catwalk
    Collections… though I’m not sure she’s into a spray paint wedding dress. Rumor is that it is a true retro dress… back to when dresses shwished when you walked. Kelly always has some startling element in her design. It won’t be be red tights for the wedding day but it will stand out.


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