Thursday Treats – 21st Jan 2010

January 21, 2010


Credit: The Cherry Blossom Girl

Wow what an exciting weeks it’s been so far. Not only are things hotting up (as ever) with the votes for the winners of the Kat Braman Free Photography Contest (if you haven’t voted yet then go ahead and do it already!) but blog land exploded with excitement over my Vintage Boudoir shots with Julia Boggio. We knew they’d go down well but we never expected anything like the response we got. Thanks so much for everybody who commented on the blog, on twitter and on facebook. I read every single one and they all brought a smile to my face. Extra special thanks to all the other bloggers who took the time to write about and share the photos on their blogs already – Hot Pink Brides, Little White Book Blog, Charley Beard, Plans and Presents, Always Andri, Flutterfly Events & Boho Wedding and Events.

♥ First up, I’ve cracked and joined Formspring. For those of you that don’t know, it’s a website where randoms ask you questions. I don’t quite ‘get’ the appeal right now but I guess that’s how Twitter started! Hell, if I get some good ones then I may even post them here next week. So, wanna ask me a question?
♥ Michonne & Mike’s amazing vintagey/rockabilly wedding
♥ Loving the car, the veil & the sunflower/daisy centerpieces
Flapper girls (and boys) play in a photobooth
Nubby Twiglet’s ‘What I Wore’ – making me reconsider my opinions on sparkly leggings
♥ Gorgeous vintage style fashion shoot
Fabulous interview with my fabulous friend Rhiannon of Under the Cherry Moon (she designed my website graphics dont-ya-know)
Ice lanterns
♥ Incrediblly gorgeous rustic details
♥ Flippin’ amazingly authentic vintage engagement shoot – their style sends me c-c-c-razy!


Comic book inspired engagements
♥ There is something too fabulous about her dress/long glove combo to ignore
How websites work.
♥ There is just something about her simple dress that I love…
♥ The owl and the umbrella
Pop art wedding
Plaid wedding dress
♥ This is one kick ass couple
Floaty dress and freakin’ awesome biker boots. Hell to the YES!


Uber thrifty, super cool paper bouquet tutorial
Gorgeous love shoot – I told you vintage records were the next big thing in engagement shoots – remember who called it!
♥ Shots on a frozen lake
♥ How to plan a wedding in one week
Dogs in tuxedos
Scrabble tiles seem to also be pushing there way into the wedding world. Watch this space.
Fashion to watch out for (ps I almost purchased some mouse ears from Topshop the other day…almost)
Lara Jade has revamped her fabulous photography website. Love her work (and this girl is too damn gorgeous for words – yes she should be a model as well as a photographer!)


Fun, happy, personal and so much colour!
Science cat– lol!
♥ Love this ‘nude’ fashion
Polka dots and poison
♥ La Carmina launches a new fashion line – cutest tee-shirts ever!
Amanda Wachob Tattoos are like little oil paintings on your skin {via Frolic}
Rock your inner Alice (love that jewellery!)
What kind of business woman are you?
Rings n things
The Not Wedding is back! Atlanta’s most fabulous and Rock n Roll bridal show will be returning in Februry. For any of you thinking ‘what the hell is this Not Wedding?’ Well check out the post I did on it last year. This innovative bridal show actual plays host to a mock wedding (or in this years case – 4!) where you can go along and be the guests, whist simultatiously experiencing some of the best local vendors. Awesome? Yes!



Loving Princess Lasertron’s new video tutorial

Valentine’s Day folder project with Princess Lasertron from princess lasertron on Vimeo.

Thanks to Taryn and Andrew for sharing their 50’s rockabilly day with me this week!


via Wedding Chicks

Aimee & Troy – a short in film from Elysium Productions on Vimeo.

♥ There was some other love from…

Pretty Chicky
Love My Dress
Moley Photography
HiFi Weddings
Courtney Wilson Photography
Laura Ryan Photography
The Jess Page
Shannon Lee Images

♥ And finally…in kitten related news – we went to visit our babies on Saturday. It’s only just over 2 weeks until we get to take them home now! I’m not going to reveal the names yet because they are still ever-changing…but ooooh the cuteness