Snow Queen

Shandi’s bridals are seriously swoon-worthy! Photography-envy anyone? Her dress was from Belle Bridal in Logan, UT which she rocked up with some red gloves for the shoot (she is going to wear black ones on her wedding day in February.) I can’t wait, can you?!


Thanks to Liz for sharing these with us

Credit: ETF Photography


  1. Shandi

    Liz makes being beautiful easy and fun! It’s fun to be a celebrity! Thanks Liz! You’re the greatest.

  2. Hi Susan nice to hear from you. Mary and Diane lived just two doors away from us on South Sherburn so I knew them well, but unetuornatfly I don’t have any photographs of them. I also remember Mabel Younger. It’s a long time since I’ve seen any of them, but I saw your dad just a couple of years ago – he hasn’t changed much since he was a teenager. Have you asked Ray Urwin if he has any photos of your family? Best wishes Brian


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